Top Garden Features to Consider in 2023


If you are looking to create a stunning feature in your garden, there are, of course, many options and in this short article, we outline a few popular outdoor features that Australian homeowners install.

top garden features to consider

• Retractable roof – While this would be a costly project, it is considered a permanent addition and that boosts the property value. There are several tried and tested designs that are customised to fit and the many options are attractive. For more information, Google ‘retractable roofing near me’ and browse a few websites; when ready, make an appointment for a technician to pay you a visit and you can discuss the many features and options.

• Composite decking – When you look at Trex decking prices, it is no surprise that this is the top choice for decking in Australia; durable and attractive, composite tongue & grooved planks make for the perfect decking. There are many fine accessories and with a little knowledge, planning and the right materials, you can create a stunning platform on which to rest and relax. If you have the space, consider a split-level deck, which adds depth.

• Fishpond and rockery – Talk to a local landscape gardener who can design and build a stunning pond, complete with rockery and running water; an ideal location would be one of the far corners, which is a distance from the house. Koi carp can brighten up the water feature and a few yards of topsoil and an assortment of rocks make the foundation for this stunning feature, which can be perfectly blended with the surroundings.

• Bali hut – If you have been to the tropical island on Bali, you have seen Bali huts that are made to traditional standards and the good news is… there are Australian suppliers of hand-crafted Bali huts that come in kit form and what’s more they are affordable. One should not be too focused on price, you do get what you pay for and what might look stunning, could disintegrate within a year. If you have designs to build an authentic log cabin, here is a guide.

• Infinity pool – If you have the space, an infinity pool is an awesome addition to any home, the water literally runs off the edge of the pool, which can be as small as 8’x4’and with underwater LED lighting, the pool is a central feature in the evenings. For a quote, search online for infinity pool suppliers and invite one to visit you at home; the water runs into a collect tray and is recycled back to the pool, while filtration keeps the water clean.

• LED outdoor lighting – LED lighting comes in strips and can be draped on trees and shrubs or lining window and door frames. Creating a Disney-like ambience is perfect for this time of year and for what it costs, does make a difference.

With Christmas fast approaching, there is still time to add a garden feature for your annual Xmas party and with online solutions, you can plan your project and obtain the lowest prices for materials.


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