Executive Search Firms: Importance for Companies


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The term “Executive Search” means “finding personnel to make important decisions.” Almost any organization will not recover from the mistakes and mismanagement caused by selecting insufficiently qualified leaders. It is extremely difficult to find management personnel with the knowledge and skills to be successful. A staff member who can define and advance corporate strategy and simply fit into the company’s culture is difficult to find. Executive Search Firms are focused on identifying and recruiting these unique leaders. They determine the ideal fit for your organization’s workforce and develop the right payroll and employee retention structures.

Executive Search Firms: Importance for Companies

Stages of the selection of top managers: features and results

Searching for a senior executive using the “Executive Search” differs from the usual selection by the initial elaboration of the strategy, and then the tactics of actions. A special selection will allow you to find managers in a narrow field of activity who are able to coordinate the team, make volitional decisions, and introduce innovative means to achieve the productive functioning of the organization. The search is carried out in several interrelated stages, characterized by several nuances, namely:

1. Stage 1 – task definition:

  • Studying information about the customer’s company.
  • Negotiating to formulate requirements, goals, and objectives for the position, position, and candidate
  • Preparation of recommendations with data from assessing the situation in the industry and competitors
  • Designing a detailed portrait of an “ideal” future employee with the requirements for experience, education, the formation of duties, rights, responsibility, and other job conditions
  • Predicting the feasibility of finding the required leader
  • Formation of a specific strategy for the selection of a candidate, income level, form of payment
  • Completion of the stage is accompanied by clarification of the terms and cost of the agency’s work

Stage 2 – the selection of applicants

  • Determination of the selection strategy
  • Direct selection of employees according to the formulated parameters
  • Drawing up a list of suitable personnel and providing the client with a Shortlist of persons of interest for personal meetings to choose from

3. Stage 3 – assessment of candidates

  • Collection of detailed data on work experience, successful projects, personal qualities, level of remuneration, readiness to change jobs, and other factors
  • Preparation and delivery to the client of a report on interviews with information about the career of applicants, strengths, and weaknesses, as well as recommendation instructions on a motivational approach
  • Finishing preferences by the customer.

4. Stage No4 – selection of a leader

  • A comprehensive review of the recommendations and business reputation of the applicant for the vacancy
  • Final negotiations between candidates and the customer
  • Preparation of a contract and its signing

5. Stage 5 – completion of the search for an applicant and adaptation

  • Coming to work and adaptation period of a new manager in the client’s company
  • Conducting regular feedback, both with the candidate and with the customer

So these are the critical and time consuming stages. The owner of the company needs to focus on many tasks at a time. So they can take the services of Executive Search Firms to do these tasks on his/her behalf.

Benefits of Executive Search Firms

The following are some of the benefits of Executive Search Firms:

1. Save time

You or your staff member will not waste time browsing dozens of websites with resumes, calling candidates, communicating with them, coordinating initial meetings to understand how a candidate is suitable for a position, etc. The searching firms will perform this task.

2. Save money

The recruitment agency “Personnel Method” will provide you with data on employees’ salaries in the industry you need. The salary will exactly correspond to the qualifications and scope of duties of the applicant. You will not distract your employees from their current tasks to find a new key employee (diverting basic personnel to non-standard tasks for finding specialists will entail indirect costs).

3. Get a personal HR manager

All managers of a good recruiting agency have extensive experience in recruiting, psychological training, and focus on results. They will simplify and speed up your recruiting as much as possible.

4. Find exactly who you need (your employee)

By contacting an Executive search firm, you can be sure that the right candidate will be selected who will help your business. Each applicant, whom they propose for your application, will pass at least 1 interview in the agency before presenting to you as a candidate.

5. Do not pay the full price until the new employee starts working.

The final payment for the recruiting services is made EXCLUSIVELY under the Agreement with a guarantee and after the candidate starts work.

Bottom Line

Selecting an Executive for your company is not an easy job. You have to follow many difficult steps. If you select Executive Search Firms, you save your time, efforts, and money.


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