Good Lightning is a Must for Your Next Event


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Isn’t it amazing how there is no limitation to the time you can choose to host your event? Again, the options for the event setting are countless. You can settle for an indoor or outdoor setup and customize it accordingly to suit your needs and objective.

More often than not, events are considered a success based on the apparent things such as catering, music and dance, incorporated for the party theme.

Good Lightning is a Must for Your Next Event

Event lighting may seem natural, but it is a delicate yet vital factor that will either make or break your event. Whether it is an indoor exhibition at noon for your company or an engagement party at dusk, lighting for your event is the single most crucial element to consider in the planning process for a successful event.

Event lighting is more complex than it sounds. But not to worry, you can always get sorted at a lighting rental store. If you get the lighting right, then all other components will fall in place, if well planned for, of course.

Proper lighting will bring a particular thrill to the event’s atmosphere for both the interior and exterior.

You will find various lighting packages from the rental lighting providers ranging from stage lighting to outdoor lighting. If you are looking forward to a stellar lighting setup that will leave unique memories for your attendees, here are some tips to consider.

1. Prepare a question list for purposes of clear mental visualization of the event

Visualizing an idea is the first step to actualizing it. Understanding the small details will go a long way in perfecting your ideal lighting setup for the intended event layout.

Some of the essential questions include:

  • What is the type of event you are hosting?
  • What is the general sitting arrangement, tables and chairs or simply benches?
  • What is the setting, indoor or outdoor and size?
  • Does the hosting space have permanent fixtures?
  • Does the event involve scene-setting and breaking?
  • Is there a specific theme colour?
  • How much motion is expected, e.g. dancing?
  • What is the extent of customization that the budget can accommodate?

2. Prepare a lighting plan for the event

The plan will depend on the size/magnitude of the event. A good plan will ensure moderation in the placing of the lighting fixture. Overdoing or too little lighting will mess things up.

A good sketch or a CAD drawing of the layout or the floor plan will help set the lighting appropriately. Locating all elements on the drawing will be very resourceful in developing a workable lighting design.

3. Mark out the high traffic zones on the lighting design drawings

No one wants their guests straining to find their way around the event.
Pin spots are adequate for the bar, centrepieces, flowers and the buffet. Remember, moderation is key.

Lights of softer intensity are preferred instead of stiff and harsh rays that cause discomfort to the eyes. The stage or dancefloor can be well highlighted to maximize a better experience and draw sufficient attention during performances.

4. A little colour won’t hurt

You can choose to either paint the walls for a colourful reflection or use coloured lights. Colour brings warmth and sets the mood of the event; therefore, colour selection will be necessary.

The colour combination should be rational, and the television lighting set sparingly to avoid ruining the entire aesthetic. The comfort of your guests is the prime consideration.

5. Lighting effects

Dynamic video projections and Gobos can help make the event magical, and it gives you a level of control of the projected images. Patterned lights for specific themes will enhance a relaxed mood.

6. Customize the exterior

The thrill of the event should start some moments before getting into the hosting space. Some of the lighting concepts for the exterior include pin spots for the entrance, leveraging on Gobos and colourful up-lighting of exterior walls.

7. Try getting creative and unique

The whole idea is enhancing the elegance and speaking volumes of tranquillity and ambience. Step out of the norm and try out something captivating. For instance, trickling lights instead of lifeless still lights or twinkling star lights for evening garden events.

Technology has a lot to offer. It is up to you to develop unique customizations for an exceptional experience for you and your guests.

When handling colours, it would be essential to have the intensity and selected shades matching the type of event. Making the event lively should be within the bounds of relevance.


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