How Tiktok’s Unique Selling Proposition Became a Hit With the Youth


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The good thing about TikTok is that it is loved by kids and teenagers. Adults are still struggling to understand this new culture. In any case, their growing up had a culture where the digital world was not even imagined. The new generation has a different way of interacting with others. They have developed a very innovative method of communicating with others. Making their videos and uploading them, sharing with family and friends, and audiences who they do not even know. getting appreciation in the forms of views, likes, and subscribes gives them a sense of purpose in their lives. With smartphones now becoming an extension of the body, TikTok has become like an extended family member for the youths.

How Tiktoks Unique Selling Proposition Became a Hit With the Youth

The USP of TikTok is that celebrities have used this medium more than any other social media platform. Whether it is a brand endorsement or a personal fitness regime, celebrities have made this app popular. Add to this, current trends, localized #hashtags, and short video format has caught the fancy of users.

TikTok algorithm

The moment ones open the app, new videos similar to the ones which the user had watched before auto-plays. The algorithms work on the viewers’ interest. Because the clip is so short, users see it in totality and do not leave midway which is the case with other social media platforms like YouTube. The app format of continuously providing one after another video in an easy scroll option leaves the viewers addicted.

While Tiktok is largely confined to individuals, it is now time for brands to recognize its potential based on the exponential growth it had since inception. The reason for the exceptional growth is that TikTok did not try to be similar to other social media sites and tried to tap a different audience profile. It only focused on the youngsters and built a simple user-friendly format that was an instant hit with even kids. For starters, it is recommended that they buy real TikTok views from legit sources to make their video popular in a short time.

Easy Format

The front camera of TikTok and its viral features allowed millions to become stars on TikTok in a short time. Leave alone celebrities, it even allowed the common man to showcase their talent to the world. The easy technology backed with some great filters and background music options meant that there was no need for sophisticated equipment or expensive production studios. Unlike other social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram, TikTok is the platform that Brands must use if the target audience is between 13 years and 18 years.


This nascent platform is an ideal opportunity for brands and marketers to advertise their products and services. The viral content nature of this platform allows faster organic growth as the advertising reaches a huge audience in the shortest possible time. Big brands or start-ups with a low marketing budget and small marketing infrastructure can find this platform an ideal way to promote themselves. The ROI (Return on Investment) will be higher here compared to say factbook or YouTube which is saturated. Ask any digital marketing company like TikTokStorm and they after seeing your business profile will recommend TikTok for organic advertising.


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