How to Improve your Recovery After Breast Augmentation


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With the advances that are being made with modern breast implant surgery, recovery is becoming easier and easier. Whilst recovery methods have improved massively over recent years, there are things you can do to improve your recovery and give yourself the best chance for a successful new look and a pain-free experience.

How to Improve your Recovery After Breast Augmentation

The most important period in the healing process is during the first two weeks after surgery. This is when the scars are the freshest and also when the skin surrounding the scars is the weakest. This is why it is important to rest as much as possible and ensure there isn’t too much movement that could cause damage.

Have Help Nearby

One factor that could negatively impact your recovery is not having assistance at-hand immediately after surgery. There are multiple accounts of patients having suffered negative consequences due to not having help from family or friends post-surgery – so it is important that you have help.

This is because you need to change your dressings after showering and this can be difficult by yourself. Also, some of the pain medications that doctors prescribe that can impair your inhibitions, so you need some nearby to ensure you don’t have an accident. For the first few days, you may need lots of assistance but once that period is over, having someone checking on you every now and then is fine.

Stock Up On Supplies

Before going for your surgery, ensure you have plenty of food and drink stocked up at home. After surgery, your anaesthesia may cause issues with your appetite, and so you should aim for foods that are less heavy and stodgy, such as salad or rice dishes. Precooking your meals is a good idea if you will be alone during the recovery process.

It is advisable to also keep some bottled water close by if you will be alone a lot post-surgery. This is to make sure that you’re resting as much as possible and not constantly getting up refilling your glass. If you move too much you could disturb your stitches.


Sleep is one of the most important bodily functions, and it is especially important after breast augmentation Boise surgery, and any kind of surgery in general. Sleep is one of the functions that helps your immune system speed up the healing process.

After breast implant surgery, it is important that you sleep on your back, as sleeping on your front or side may displace the implants and affect the look of them. It will take some getting used to at first, just remember that it will be worth it once you can carry on with normal life about six weeks after surgery.

To ensure that you’ll be able to get to sleep, try to avoid activities such as reading or using your phone before bed. As well as this, try to avoid consuming caffeinated beverages and alcohol. These are all things that could affect your sleep, which is an important factor to a quick and safe recovery.


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