How to Move into an Expensive City on a Budget


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The big cities are full of job opportunities – especially in companies with the biggest options for upward growth. That does not, however, mean it’s easy to move to a big city on a budget. Big cities come with high costs because of the sheer number of opportunities and amenities that they offer. People want to live there, so you’ll need to compete to find a great place at a great price.

It can be done, especially when you use these top tips.

Don’t Worry About Long-Term Initially

When it comes to finding a spot, don’t worry about finding a great long-term option right off the bat. Instead, try to find a short-term let that will get you in the city and give you enough time to understand and learn about the different neighborhoods, their vibes, and also your commute options and what’s important to you in city living. A short one to six-month lease can help you settle into the rhythm of the city and also give you more time to find a great option that’s a bit more permanent.

Always Consider Moving in With Roommates

If you want to live in a larger space for less, then you’ll need roommates. Living with roommates also means expanding your social circles beyond the people you work with. Finding a spare room within your budget is also far easier than finding a good studio or one-bedroom apartment.

When it comes to moving into a room, giving yourself time is essential. It’s not just you that has to say yes to the space and the people you’ll be living with, but they have to say yes to you, too.

Consider the Impact of Transportation

The cost of transportation can quickly take a good deal and turn it into a bad one. In some cases, you may find that living closer to where you work helps you save, or at least break even, with living further out. This is particularly true for those taking public transportation. While taking a bus is cheaper overall than taking your car and having to pay for parking, you’re also at the whim of the system. If there’s a strike, an accident, or just a change in schedule, you’re then left with few options. If your only way to get into work then is to take a taxi, you’re going to have your costs skyrocket.

Find the middle ground that helps you live closer to work without paying through the nose for the privilege.

Live Frugally

There are many ways that you can live frugally. Shop second-hand (Facebook Marketplace is a top choice for big cities), make and prepare food so you waste less, see if there’s a discount system for residents in regards to transportation, and so on. You may be shocked at how many free things there are to do in your city as well, so look up guides and embrace the low-cost culture in your city to help you better manage your budget.


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