Inkjet Vs Laser Which Is Right for Your Business


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Today, It became compulsory for every business to keep up-to-date all their legal documents, in the form of soft as well as hard copies. So, with the changing work scenario, the demand for suitable printers is also increasing. Every businessman search for a best-suited printer that can meet all their requirements. But, the main confusion for every buyer is, whether to buy an inkjet printer or laser printer. As both of the technologies have different characteristics, pros and cons, that need to be weighted by consumer bases on needs.

Inkjet Vs Laser Which Is Right for Your Business

So, if you are also confused between these printers choices, this write-up will help you in making an appropriate decision:

What are Inkjet and Laser Printer?

Inkjet and laser are the two different categories of printers. Laser printers work on toner whereas inkjet requires a cartridge to print documents. On the cost factor, inkjet printers are least expensive as compared to laser printers. But, you wish to acquire laser printer only, black and white are little bit cost-effective as compared to a color laser printer.

If we look into cost per page scenario, the inkjet printer initially may cost less but its cost per page throughout the life will be more than a laser printer. And on quality parameters, laser printers are superior with high-quality images printout.

Inkjet Vs Laser Printer: Think of Your Requirement:

Here we have a list of factors that you should keep in mind while choosing the right printer for you:

● Physical Size of Printer

The size of the printer always matters when it comes to buying. It simply depends upon the company need and the space available in the office. So, if your office has less space inkjet printer can suit you, as these are relatively smaller compared to laser printers.
On the other side, if you think to buy All-in-one Inkjet printer, they are slightly larger than normal printer but still smaller than the laser printer or standard office copier. Big office printers definitely have their place in a busy office, but it’s all a matter of what your needs are.

● Printer Price

Price or say the cost of an acquisition plays a prominent role in buying something. For the printer, you should compare different prices on online as well as offline, then choose the price without sacrificing quality parameter. Normally, we found inkjet has less expensive than laser printers, like former ranges between $100 to $400 whereas later can cost you $300 to $ 2000.

● Quality of the Prints

For black and white printout, laser printers are considered as the best choice. Whereas inkjet printers are superior on color and high-quality resolutions. However, with the technological advancements, the color laser printer has enhanced its quality and offer decent color prints for normal use. Inkjet printers are only suggested for printing images in high-resolution.

● Cleaning And Maintenance Cost

When it comes to the cleaning test parameters, it’s very hard for the inkjet to stand still in the competition. As inkjet cleaning process is not simple, the cartridge sometimes leak and ink can stain almost everything that comes in contact with, like clothes and hands. But, this issue does not come with the laser printer, as toner does not stain like ink.

Thus, on this parameter laser printer wins. So, if you choose laser printer and found any difficulty in cleaning there are lots of manuals and videos available on the internet.

● Speed Efficiency

Laser printers are over to inkjet printers in regards to speed. Based upon the size of this printer, laser printers can print up to 100 pages per minute (ppm) while inkjet printers may reach a maximum of 20 pages in best. Using Inkjet printers, you can make digital images by falling ink paper. Laser printers deliver exactly the exact same electronic pictures by scanning a laser beam across its photoreceptors.

● Printer Noise

The printing noise is an important thing to consider before making purchase decision because whether in the office or at home noisy printers always hated by users. So, form the noise point of view, inkjet printers are more preferred by the user as than laser printer, as laser printers are well known by their noisy operations.

● Product Life

Laser printers have a longer shelf life compared to a inkjet printer. When left idle, laser printers have the ability to operate efficiently without a lot of need for routine maintenance. When Inkjet printers left idle for a couple of days, it may dry the ink nozzle that would require cleanup.

Bottom Line

When you keep the above factors in mind while buying a new printer, it became easier for you to choose the perfect printer that will suit your needs. Apart from these, printer speed, efficiency, high-quality print resolutions are also key components.


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