Shapellx Plus Size Shapewear Types Help You Feel Great


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For a curvier girl shapewear is her best friend and right now there are so many well made body shapers in plus size, that is very easy to find the one that you need. The best plus size shapewear can be found even in 6XL size, so you only need to know from where to buy it and to chose the model you like best.

So, if you want to enhance your natural curve lines, to have a smaller waist line and a silhouette closer to the hourglass one these shapewear products will be perfect for you and by wearing them you will get the best waist trainer before and after results. Plus, while wearing them you will also feel more confident and feminine, like you are able to conquer the world!


1. The tummy control body shaper with butt lifter

If you want a bodysuit that will give you a high level of compression and it’s easy to put on, this is the one for you! It has a frontal zipper with a hook and eye closure system so you will put it on and take it off super easily. Plus, it has an open bust which is a great feature because you won’t have to worry it will not fit if you have larger breasts. It is made out of 70% nylon and 30% spandex, so it is easy to wash and dry, plus this fabric combination it will make it super comfortable. It is the best plus size shapewear for you because, will also smooth the fat from your waist, tummy and back and it will lift your butt!


2. The extra shaper bodysuit

Every plus size girl needs a body shaper that will reshape her body and give the best possible support! And this bodysuit that comes in beige and black does all these things and even more. It is a great product for post surgery or post partum recovery as well! Practically it will give you a slimmer body and it will also help you recover faster!


3. The plus size vest waist trainer

Every curvier woman wants to have a smaller and well definded waist line and for this she needs a vest waist trainer for women. Why? Because this waist cincher will offer you the amount of compression you need to lose weight from around your waist while offering you great support as well. It has three adjustable belts that you can adjust the way you want, so that the level of compression to not be too much to handle. And the vest design is perfect for back support, so you will also get a better posture!


4. The seamless butt lifter bodysuit

Of course like all the other women out there, even a curvy girl wants her booty to look more appealing. For this you will need a bodysuit that aside from reshaping your waist line to also lift up your butt and make it look rounder and plumper. And aside from that this fabulous body shaper has no seams, so you can wear it with thight clothes as well. So now you can wear those skinny jeans that you love so much and you will look better than never with this bodysuit underneath them!


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