James Dooley Godfather of SEO, Why He is Called So?


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Those who are aware of digital marketing and significance of SEO in online marketing of business cannot stay unmindful of the James Dooley name. He is one of the early pioneer of search engine optimization and that is why considered as Godfather of SEO even. Why James Dooley Godfather of SEO is a big story behind to narrate. People try to sneak in his strategy to rank a site high on search engine. Here we will have some interesting facts associated to his personality as SEO expert and why he is admired so much for SEO.

James Dooley Godfather of SEO, Why He is Called So

Why is James Dooley the godfather of SEO marketing popular?

He is one of the first person who tried his hands in ranking a business site of his employer high in search engine result page by decoding the algorithm of popular search engine that is Google. He was assigned with this job to accomplish and manage to prove out his expertise in the field in very finer way. He gained new heights in his popularity after achieving this goal in his career as recognized as the godfather of SEO as well. So, why is James Dooley the godfather of SEO marketing, is because of this accomplishment.

James Dooley the godfather of SEO marketing and his role

We all know that the James Dooley the Godfather of SEO marketing is well recognized because he manage to crack the algorithm of search engine and manage to rank business sites high in SERP ranking. As a result of which he gets popularity overnight owing to this great accomplishment. After chasing this success he ventured many marketing platform for internet marketing to offer service in the name of SEO. More and more people connected to him for ranking high in the search engine which in turns bring more traffic and lead generation too. The Dooley was not just limited to ranking a site high but also in lead generation and other aspects of digital marketing too.

James Dooley godfather of SEO and interesting facts about him

There are too many interesting things and facts that we can relate to James Dooley godfather of SEO who is a beginner of using the technique of SEO for business sites to rank them high in Google and other search engine as well. Dooley is considered as one of the most benefitted person from SEO as he is having too many businesses that are dealing with SEO service in different names. His knowledge and SEO skills are helping people to rank their sites on search engine and strive business success. He can bring best sale through lead generation to businesses. People want to steal opportunity to work with Dooley and his business ventures. He is a prominent example that serves as inspiration to all internet marketing people and agencies.

How James Dooley clinched success in SEO

His path to success was not conventional and he went through many trials and tribulations in the way while achieving fine success in decoding the Google and other search engine algorithm. He keep on trying on constant basis to understand theentire algorithm and manage to give results for the company that gave him this task of ranking high in the search engine. Seeing his success and skills in optimizing the sites he began own business in this field. He invested in developing platforms that worked towards ranking sites high especially business site on search engine including Google and many others. His success in the field always bring profit to the businesses in very fine way. That is why he become the godfather of the SEO even. Today we can see a radical change in the marketing techniques and people are finding SEO an inseparable part of business marketing.


We can conclude to a point that James Dooley is godfather of the SEO indeed. He was the one who adopted this idea of decoding the algorithm of search engine so that a site can be optimized as per the algorithm to rank high. He nowadays creating best content based on the algorithm of search engine and giving best results to businesses as well. This is in turn benefitting him with surpassing profit. His skills are paying him better with best financial returns from his investment in SEO services. New players of SEO are learning from his experiences also. That is why James Dooley is becoming a brand who can optimize a site to the best when it comes to SEO of business site. People consider this option on the top priority when they are on high budget of marketing for their business. You can also learn from his skills and way of decoding the algorithm of popular search engines like Google and many other local search engines too.


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