Nectar Vs Purple – Two of the Biggest Brands. Which is Better?


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Both Nectar and Purple have expanded their offerings beyond their original all-foam beds. Purple offers two coil and foam hybrids, the Purple Hybrid and the Purple Hybrid Premier, at different pricing points. The Nectar Lush is a luxurious cooling all-foam bed sold by Nectar. Customers may find it difficult to choose between the two mattress firms while purchasing due to brand similarities.

Nectar Vs Purple - Two of the biggest brands. Which is better

In Nectar vs Purple, Purple has more mattress alternatives. They sell two hybrid mattresses in addition to the classic Purple all-foam mattress. Purple Grid is a proprietary technology that keeps the bed cool and responsive. It’s found in all three Purple mattresses. The Purple Hybrid got better sleeper ratings than the Purple across all weight categories and sleep position preferences, indicating that it is more comfortable for more individuals.

Purple now provides the Purple Hybrid Premier in addition to the Purple and Purple Hybrid. There are two mattress heights available for this mattress: 12 and 13 inches. The only difference is that one has a 3-inch Purple Grid and the other has a 4-inch Purple Grid. The 13-inch bed has been proven to be superior at improving spinal alignment inside sleepers than the other two beds. The 13-inch bed is also softer, with a firmness rating of 5 out of 10 compared to the 12-inch bed’s 6.

Comparison of Construction and Materials

Even though Purple and Nectar appear to be identical at first appearance, some differences make one or the other a preferable choice for various people.

Mattress size

• Nectar

Choosing a mattress size is important. The greatest mattress for you will take into account your height and weight, as well as any persons or pets you share the bed with, as well as your proclivity to spread out or move around during the night. The size and form of your bedroom may also influence the mattress size you select.

• Purple

The Purple is reasonably priced, but the Purple Hybrid is around twice as expensive in every size. At each size, the Purple Hybrid Premier is a few hundred dollars more expensive than the Purple Hybrid (and more than that if you opt for the larger thickness option). The Purple Grid size of each mattress is the most important factor in determining its pricing.

Cover Material

• Nectar

Both the Nectar Mattress and the Nectar Premier include quilted coverings composed of breathable polyester, polyethylene, and nylon mixes. The same cover material is infused with copper fibers for Premier Copper to offer additional cooling and thermoregulation on the surface.

• Purple

Purple mattresses all have the same cover materials, thus that isn’t a distinguishing feature. Polyester, viscose, and lycra are used to make the Purple coverings. To the touch, they are smooth and velvety.

Support Care

• Nectar

A polyfoam support core is found in all three Nectar mattresses. The support cores of the flagship model and Nectar Premier are both 7 inches thick, while the Premier Copper’s support core is 9 inches thick. Each of these mattresses also has an anti-slip bottom cover to keep the mattress from sliding on the base.

• Purple

The Purple’s support cores are made of 4 inches of high-density polyfoam (2 PCF). 7.5 inches of pocketed coils are found in all other Purple mattresses. Beds with pocketed coils have a more responsive feel and allow for better ventilation. Although individual encasement of coils helps lessen some motion transmission, mattresses with pocketed coils often transfer more motion than all-foam mattresses. Hybrid beds are often noisier than all-foam mattresses due to the coils.

Transition Layer

• Nectar

The Nectar’s transition layer is made out of 2 inches of polyfoam. The transition layer’s foam is denser, harder, and faster to respond to pressure than the comfort layer’s foam, distributing weight evenly and preventing sagging. The transition layer also serves as a buffer between the comfort portion and the stiffer polyfoam foundation, ensuring that the sleep surface remains soft, pleasant, and supportive.

• Purple

3.5 inches of polyfoam make up the transition layer. The transition layer acts as a buffer between the soft comfort layer and the firm support core, ensuring that the mattress maintains its medium-firm feel.

Bounce vs Silk

• Nectar

Because the Nectar is meant to mimic the body-contouring sensation of regular memory foam, it has a greater viscosity. While memory foam is fantastic for pain treatment and is a terrific choice for anybody who enjoys being caressed by their mattress, it isn’t as bouncy as spring foam.

• Purple

The Purple has a lot of bouncier feel about it. The comfort grid’s polymers are far more elastic than those in a typical memory foam mattress. When pressure is taken from the Purple, the comfort layer bounces back to form.

Trials, Guarantees, and Shipping


• Nectar

Customers in the contiguous United States may get free delivery from Nectar. The mattress is compressed and packed in a box, which may be delivered by UPS or FedEx Ground. Nectar mattresses may be sent to Alaska and Hawaii for a $150 charge. There is no option for international shipping.

• Purple

Purple offers free FedEx shipping to clients in the continental United States. For a charge, they will also ship to Hawaii, Alaska, and Canada. There is no international shipping available outside of Canada.


• Nectar

Within Nectar’s 365-night sleep trial, returns are free. Before initiating a return, customers must break in a mattress for 30 nights.

• Purple

Purple offers a 100-night sleep trial during which customers can return their mattresses for free. Customers must first complete a 21-night break-in period during which they are unable to start a return.


• Nectar

A lifetime guarantee is provided by Nectar. If your mattress becomes damaged at any time, they will replace it.

• Purple

Purple provides two warranties: one for the cover and one for the mattress’s inside. The zippered mattress cover is covered by a two-year warranty, during which time it may be fixed or replaced if there are any flaws.


Purple and Nectar are two companies that sell foam mattresses. Both provide lengthy trial periods and extended warranties, allowing customers to try out mattresses before deciding which one best meets their specific needs.


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