Never Miss Out On The Joy Of Eating A Delicious Cake Due To Health Issues


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As we grow old, things become more complicated. We get busier, and most of us tend to ignore health. As a result, it becomes a concern, and there arises a need for a proper solution to maintain a balanced and healthy life. In an attempt to be physically fit, most of us stay away from the food that is generally considered unhealthy. Unfortunately, delicious desserts are one of them. In India, such sweets or desserts are indispensable when it comes to festivals. For health enthusiasts, it’s hard to resist such mouth-watering recipes. Today, we will give you some tips on how you can enjoy these desserts without causing harmful effects on your health.

Never Miss Out On The Joy Of Eating A Delicious Cake Due To Health Issues

Festivals are meant to celebrate with family and friends. At Pyaar Bhejo, we know that nobody likes to miss out munching on yummy cakes. Delicious festival cuisine is one essential part we all love to cherish. However, how to eat such food without compromising your health? Let us dive right into it.

Use Jaggery or Coconut Sugar Instead Of Regular Sugar

Use Jaggery or Coconut Sugar Instead Of Regular Sugar

Sugar is one of the biggest enemies of your weight loss program. Now, you do not really have to cut that down from your daily meal plan. Instead, you can replace it with some fantastic healthy alternatives such as jaggery powder or coconut sugar. These are nothing but antioxidants that help you by boosting your metabolism. Besides, jaggery powder or coconut sugar are natural and come without any added chemicals. We have adapted these naturals elements in preparing our cakes and sweets. So if you are looking to buy cakes online in Mumbai that are free from sugar, you should consider checking out gifting portal.

Use Whole Wheat Flour Or Multigrain Flour

We all love cakes, don’t we? Now, as cakes are a part of our celebrations, nobody wants to skip them for health reasons. Neither we want to regret later after eating that piece of cake. So, how can we tackle this? Well, you can replace the conventional flour used to make cakes with healthy whole wheat or multigrain flour. Such kind of gluten-free flour has a positive impact on your health. When you are trying to improve your health, the intake of the right ingredients is vital. The multigrain wheat or whole wheat comes with a significant fibre content that helps you maintain the water levels in your body. You can find such healthy cakes online easily nowadays. If you are not a big fan of baking or short on time, you can utilize this option.

Use An Actual Fruit

Many people use a simple fruit syrup or fruit concentrate to add a flavour to the cake. This leaves terrible effects on your health. To avoid this, you can use the actual fruit pulp that has adverse effects. They are free from harmful chemicals and preservatives. Moreover, they are easily digestible and provides an authentic taste to your cake. If you are in love flavoured cakes such as pineapple cake, strawberry cake, or mango cake, then you must try using actual fruits for baking.

Have Your Tried Yogurt Cakes?

Yogurt cakes are gaining more and more reputation every day for its excellent health benefits. It’s one of the most popular buzzes among health enthusiasts. It helps you balance the water levels in your body and enhance the overall digestion. As the name suggests, yogurt is the primary ingredient of this cake, and this is why it is way lighter than the regular cake. You can add flavours as per your choice to satisfy your taste buds.

Gluten-free Coconut Cakes Are Awesome!

If you are a vegan, then this is made for you. Also, this is not just limited to vegans. If you love food, you will love this cake. With tempting taste, this cake is fluffy and creamy. The best part, it comes without the harmful sugar.

So, these are some options that will help you enjoy your favourite food without compromising your health. Today, several online cake stores serve such health-friendly cakes that are also a great option when you are looking for gifts for Diwali.


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