5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Pylon or Pole Sign


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Business owners often get confused with pole and pylon signs when looking for roadside advertising products. Many people think they’re different from each other since they’re named differently, but in reality, they’re the same. Pylons signs, also known as freestanding or pole signs, are visual aids mounted on one or two steel beams installed beside establishments along streets and highways.

5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Pylon or Pole Sign

A pylon sign is a great way to advertise any establishment, whether you’re a business owner or a property manager looking for a way to bring business to your tenants. Its height alone makes it easily visible. Motorists and people walking by the road won’t have any trouble spotting it from afar.

If you’re planning to have a pylon sign installed next to your establishment, it’s necessary to make sure that it’s attractive and effective. To make things easier for you, here are some things you should consider:

Choose a Theme

Start things off by picking a well thought out theme that suits your business perfectly. One great example is by basing it on your company’s logo. This creates a sense of familiarity and helps people know what brand or company they are looking at when they see your sign.

The theme does not only represent your message but also acts as the glue that holds the other elements together. Everything should work in harmony, from the colors to the font, so people looking at your pylon sign will easily understand and appreciate what’s on it.

Pick the Right Colors

To achieve maximum visibility, you also have to consider what colors you’re going to use. Picking bright and highly saturated hues is the best move since they can be seen even from long distances.

Also, opt for contrasting combinations that will stand out while still complementing each other. This will help make the text more readable when viewed from a far distance since it will have its own clear distinctive hue.

Take your time during this process because, aside from the previous reasons, colors can also affect how people will interpret your sign. Each hue can convey a certain emotion or mood. For example, blue and green give off a serene and welcoming feeling, while yellow and orange boost excitement.

Keep the Message Simple

Unlike posters and online publicity materials, people don’t have a lot of time to look at your pylon sign. Placing lengthy content on it isn’t advisable since they won’t be able to read all of it. Instead, go for something short and easy to understand, like your brand name or slogan.

Some owners choose to place their logo and a very short description of their services. It’s simple yet highly effective since people will more likely remember this than a lengthy sentence.

Customize It

A pylon sign is highly customizable. Aside from deciding the overall design, you can also add some features that can help it stand out, like having a double-sided signage.

Some setups are internally illuminated too. Hundreds of LED bulbs are placed inside them, making them more cost effective since the sign can operate 24/7 without any problems. People will still see it clearly, even at night. Others also use a couple of spotlights pointed at the graphics to achieve a different effect.

You can also opt for flexibility and versatility. There are pylon signs with easily swappable boards. This allows you to change to a different one based on your current needs. You won’t have to commission a new installation.

Position It Strategically

Once you have the right pylon sign for your business, all that’s left to do is find the right spot to install it. Positioning may seem like a minor factor when compared to the other elements, but it plays a crucial role since its location will dictate who will see it. Survey the area around you and avoid placing it near other brand signs.

Eye-catching pole & pylon signs will attract more people than one with a generic design. This will help you gain more customers. Talk to reliable designers and signage advertising companies to learn more about other factors that should be considered when designing one for your business.


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