Newborn Sleep Survival Tips for New Parents


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Constant stress, high load on the nervous system and psyche, mental and physical exhaustion, fears, worries of new parents – all this has a negative impact and affects the quality of sleep.

Many parents today complain that their children suffer from insomnia and sometimes even strict control over the regime does not bring any improvement.

So, what′s the cause of this insomnia?

There is a rationale for this. The risk of disturbances in the production of the hormone melatonin is precisely present in children, when this mechanism has not yet been established, as well as in adults after the age of 35, when the production of this important hormone declines.

Let’s take a closer look at what kind of hormone it is and how do we get it?

The sleep hormone melatonin is a powerful antioxidant and natural modulator of immunity. Being a natural hypnotic, it is responsible for a deep, even sleep, during which the body recovers, rejuvenates and gains additional strength. Scientists call melatonin an elixir of health, beauty and longevity, able to prolong youth and improve the quality of life.

Timely and easy falling asleep in the evening and waking up refreshed in the morning indicate the accumulation of melatonin in sufficient quantity.

Normally, the hormone melatonin is produced by our body in the dark time of the day with a peak from approximately 22:00 P.M to 02:00 A.M. The main condition is that you sleep at this time. The most favorable components for this are a constant regime (that is, you fall asleep and wake up at approximately the same time), full rest (the body is relaxed, in warm, comfortable conditions) and complete darkness (imagine, even a night light has a negative effect on hormone production).

What are the consequences of this insomnia?

Well, if we do not rest well, do not get the necessary 6-8 hours of sleep for an adult and 10-12 hours for a child (for a baby, these figures will be even higher!), then it is not surprising that this affects health and well-being.

Lack of sleep disrupts the work of all organs and systems, activates depressive states, and significantly affects cognitive functions. If we are talking about children, then physical development is delayed, because it is during sleep that growth hormone is also produced. And in adults, the aging of the body occurs at a very rapid pace.

So what to do? How to avoid these negative consequences of insomnia and insomnia itself?

There is a solution!

Melatonin for 1 year old. Melatonin is a biogenic amine, one of the neurohormones synthesized in pinealocytes of the pineal gland and in some peripheral tissues. Forms the circadian rhythm of sleep, reaching a maximum after midnight. Healthy sleep for children is extremely important. Taking melatonin will help your baby fall asleep quickly and peacefully. Taking melatonin will help regulate sleep patterns and prevent insomnia. Taking melatonin will help regulate sleep patterns and prevent insomnia. Already from the first days of its use, better well-being, absence of irritation and even improvement of appearance will be noticeable. It will give young parents the opportunity to rest, gain strength for a new day and new discoveries together with their kids.

So, Can You Give Your 1-Year-Old Melatonin?

Well, the answer is yes, but as was mentioned earlier – not for too long. You should never give your kid supplements without consulting with a doctor first and making sure that they really can benefit from them. Babies especially need our attention, care and concern. Taking care of them, we should choose the best. Melatonin helps your child fall asleep faster, sleep longer and wake up feeling rested.


Summarizing all that has been said, we must remember that in addition to using melatonin, we must also reduce the visual and sound load, switch the smartphone screen to night mode, and it is better to give up gadgets altogether an hour before going to bed. Reading, listening to audio books, relaxed conversation with loved ones, taking a bath or another option of the ritual to your taste will help you tune in to rest. This will help both parents and babies fall asleep faster.


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