Personalized Craft Ideas Your Family will Love


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If you are like most parents or grandparents you are always trying to think of fun things your family can do together to create lasting memories. The only thing that is better than just making memories is making a craft as a family that can be displayed to always remind your family of that memory. Now to just think of the perfect craft to do with everyone.

Personalized Craft Ideas Your Family will Love

Handprint Art

If you have small children in your family, you know how adorable it is to use their handprints in arts and crafts. You can also use their footprints if their feet are still really small. For example, an upside-down footprint with white paint makes an adorable ghost for a Halloween craft. You can also use a handprint to make five small snowmen on a Christmas tree ornament.

You can place a handprint on just about anything and make it something you will cherish as the children get older. Mugs work great for this then you can use a dishwasher safe sealant and have their little hand to appreciate forever. Now, whenever you have your morning coffee you will fondly remember how much fun was had to make that mug.


Tie-dying is fun no matter the age of your family members. You can pretty much tie-dye anything which means you could make something that anyone could use or wear. Tie-dye is even coming back into fashion so you might even get teenagers excited about this craft. They may even get really into it and start making their own clothes.

There are tons of tutorials online that you can use to learn exactly how to tie-dye. Tshirts are a fun thing to start with you could even have white shirts made for a family event and let everyone tie-die their shirt. You can purchase tie-die kits at any craft store or online. Another fun touch for the shirts is to buy beads that people can use to decorate their shirts by making fringe and then adding beads to that fringe.

Custom Paint by Numbers

A really fun option for a family craft will take a little online research to find a dealer but some companies allow you to upload an image of your choice and they will transform it into a paint by numbers on a canvas. They will send everything you need to do the craft including the paints that correspond with every number. This will make painting a portrait as easy as the paint by numbers you did as a child.

This means you could upload your favorite pic of your family and then have custom paint by number pallets shipped to your house for each member to do and be able to frame in their home. Can you imagine how great it would be to have a painted canvas picture of your family that a member of your family painted? You do not need to know anything about painting to be able to finish this project.

The next time you plan quality time with your family you should try one or all of these crafts. So go ahead and make a trip to the craft store to get everything you will need to make the coffee mug and tie-dye your family’s shirts. Now find a company to print you some shirts with an adorable decal on them so that everyone can custom tie-dye them. Now find your favorite family photo and upload it so you can order your personalized paint by number canvas. Before you know it you will be drowning in happy memories and craft projects that mean the world to you and the rest of your family.


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