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We can obtain a Polish passport in several ways. Citizenship may be acquired at birth or through grant and recognition. As it results from the provisions of the Constitution of the Republic of Poland and the Act on Polish Citizenship, Polish citizenship is acquired by birth if our parents are Polish citizens. Thus, Poland is governed by the law of blood. In addition, Article 14 of the Act on Polish Citizenship states that a minor acquires Polish citizenship by birth if at least one parent is a Polish citizen.

polish passport - how to get it

As we have already mentioned at the very beginning, the other forms of obtaining a Polish passport result from acquisition and recognition. We will read more about how this can be done at https://fivetoeurope.com/polish-passport-application/. We will focus on the formal regulations and information related to obtaining a Polish passport.

Where should I apply for a Polish passport?

An application for a Polish passport can be lodged at any passport office in Poland, but also at the public administration office of the relevant country if you have citizenship other than Polish.

Passport offices can be found mainly in voivodeship cities, so if you intend to come from another city, it is worth checking the exact address and opening hours of the nearest passport office first, using the official websites. Most often, there is no advance registration for passport applications.

Who can apply for a Polish passport?

An application for a Polish passport must be submitted in person, so it should be submitted by the person applying for the document. An exception is a minor, when a parent or legal guardian may submit the application on their behalf.

Persons who hold dual citizenship or are temporary residents of a given country may also apply for a Polish passport, but it should be borne in mind that some countries may have different requirements or restrictions on the issue of a passport in such a case.

What documents should be prepared when applying for a passport?

When preparing to apply for a passport at the office, it is, of course, important to properly prepare the necessary documents. The Official Service of the Republic of Poland indicates that it is necessary to provide the following documents:

  1. A passport application, which you will receive at the passport point.
  2. One recent colour photograph. It is recommended that the photograph be taken no earlier than 6 months prior to the application, as the timeliness of the photograph is important and may affect the smooth passport application process.
  3. Proof of payment for the passport. If you are applying for a discount, you will also need to enclose a document proving your entitlement to the discount, such as a student card or a document exempting you from the fee.
  4. A valid passport, if you already have one, or a valid identity card, if you do not yet have a passport.
  5. An abbreviated or full copy of the Polish marriage certificate in the event of a change of name after marriage abroad.

It is also worth being prepared for any additional requests from the official, such as an abbreviated copy of the Polish civil status certificate or certification of Polish citizenship, if doubts arise as to identity, citizenship or discrepancies in personal details on the documents provided.

How much should I pay for a Polish passport?

The standard fee for the issuance of a Polish passport is currently PLN 140, however, it should be borne in mind that many groups of people are eligible for discounts or even free passport issuance. We will therefore try to classify everything in detail below.

The 50% discount applies to:

  • Pupils and students,
  • Pensioners and disabled persons,
  • War veterans and victims of war and post-war repressions,
  • Persons residing in a nursing home or care facility,
  • Persons in receipt of a permanent benefit from social assistance,
  • Parents or spouses of a parent in a large family who hold a Large Family Card.

A discount of 75% applies to:

  • Persons who are under 26 years of age, studying, studying and are children of a large family (have a Large Family Card),
  • Children with disabilities from a large family (also Large Family Card required).

A passport will be issued for free to persons who:

  • Are over 70 years of age,
  • Are in nursing homes or care facilities, travelling abroad for long-term treatment or surgery,
  • Have a passport with a technical defect,
  • Are in receipt of a permanent social assistance allowance and have also travelled abroad for long-term treatment or surgery,
  • Are soldiers assigned to serve abroad (this does not apply to professional soldiers).

How long does it take to get a passport and where can I collect it?

The process of making a passport usually takes about 30 days, which means that we will have to be patient for the time it takes to get the document issued. However, if we need a passport urgently, there is still the option of obtaining a temporary passport, which is issued as soon as possible, although only in exceptional circumstances.

Once you have applied for a passport, you will need to collect the finished document in person at the same point where you applied. During collection, it is important to carefully check the biometric data in the passport, such as fingerprints and a photograph of your face. The official will provide a special electronic reader for this purpose to verify this information. Furthermore, before leaving the passport point, let us make sure that all the data matches our details.


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