Where Does Nutrition Lack for Athletes?


When you exercise you deplete your body of nutrients. These nutrients need to be replaced. If you look at your nutrients level like a beaker of fluid, the fluid level drop when we exercise and fill up when we eat. Many of the sports people lack this knowledge and thus cause lack of nutrition which might lead to a failure. However, when we eat fast foods and processed foods that are calorie dense and nutrition deficient. The beaker does not fill all the way back up! According to best sports nutritionist in Mumbai; we normally only replace about 80% of the nutrients! If we only replace about 80% of the used nutrients daily, our bodies can reach unhealthy reduced nutrients levels. This can cause us to be tired & lethargic, unmotivated and fatigued, lack of stamina and suffer from illness. When your body does not get the nutrients it needs, your immune system becomes weak and your risk of illness goes up.

Where Does Nutrition Lack For Athletes

The whole ecosystem in Indian society which is devoid of any sporting culture, so it has the following impacts:

Lack of Knowledge & Importance to the Sports: Most of the people here emphasize about academics only and the importance of sports is null.

Lack of Protein in Diet: Most of the people here are vegetarian; they don’t plan a meal in such a way to optimize the required amount of protein.

Excess of Carbohydrates in Diet: Being agriculture based country; we prefer to eat carbs than protein.

Lack of Knowledge for Supplementation: Many people here think that even a whey protein supplement is ‘unnatural’, Most coaches/ trainers lack ethic values which make them selling up fake supplements, which leads to side effects, because the products are not original (They mix Cheap soy protein with Cheap PEDs in it).Due to all such stories, it creates a situation where it becomes difficult to convince parents who don’t encourage their children who as an athlete needs a basic supplementation.

People here often seek dietary advice from doctors which are supposed to be asked from a Sports Nutritionist.

Lack basic Nutrition Knowledge: Most of the athletes not even visit the best sports nutritionist once in life. All the food which is perceived as healthy ends up making people fat, a patient of diabetes in the mid-30s, Blood pressure problems.

Use of refined oils: Not all the refined oils (Trans-fat) are healthy for everyone. Some are marketed as “healthy” and they are used for cooking. People rarely use flaxseed oil or olive oil. One major often misunderstood as a healthy product is Olive-Pomace oil.

Food is the Fuel in your body, proper nutrition leads to better performance. You could also take an example of racing cars, we don’t fuel race cars with standard gasoline, and expect them to perform the way that they do, for which we use superior gasoline. Hence, athletes shouldn’t fuel their bodies with junk/ processed foods and expect them to keep playing their best. They should fuel their body with the right nutrients and will be rewarded with higher energy, more muscle, and faster recovery.


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