The Best Candle Subscription Boxes of 2021


You’re at the department store looking over the messy candle display. There are candles of every shape and size. You pick one up and take a whiff and the overpowering scent of peach mixed with something that smells slightly plastic hits your nose. No, thank you.

The Best Candle Subscription Boxes of 2021

There are candles in all shapes and sizes. However, you can’t help but remember the last cute candle you purchased where its scent lasted just a few short hours before flickering out. You have a romantic evening planned, or maybe a night of self-care. You want nothing more than to kick off your shoes, cuddle into your favorite pajamas, and crack open the book about Paris, all while the soft scents of jasmine and rose dance in the background.

Fortunately, there is a solution. There are subscription boxes for everything, including candles, but what should you even look for? You read an article that talked about how some candles use paraffin wax, but not exactly sure what that means, only that it sounds chemical, and it reminds you of something at an overcrowded nail salon. You want luxury, affordability, something that isn’t toxic and is convenient. In other words, the best subscription candle box. But what should you look for? Where should you look? Something like this would probably be expensive right? Will you have to pay for shipping?

The best subscription boxes for candles are a lot closer than you think. They have clean soy wax so they burn safely, and they have free shipping so no pesky surprise fees and they come beautifully wrapped. All you have to do is open your lovingly wrapped package and take a deep inhale of the soft and strong scent of your new candle. The great news is the smell is rich enough to fill a room, and gentle enough to not be overpowering. It adds a romantic glow to a candle-lit dinner, or a lovely addition to your glorious bubble bath. The best part of the candle subscription is that it takes the stress out of finding the right candle. The candles are hand-poured, carefully curated, and set up to auto-ship to your house once a month.

If you’re beginning to think this is too good to be true, then your next question is probably about price. The reality is that there are candle subscription boxes out there hiking up fees on packaging and marketing. The right subscription box won’t have to compromise luxury for cost. You should be able to treat yourself without breaking the bank. But can you get safety, quality, and class for just around $20? Yes, you can, and you deserve it.

You may be wondering what you can do with your empty candle jars once you’re done. The best ones we’ve found come in high-quality glass that can be repurposed as a drinking jar, a home for your new plant, or more! So, whether you live in a high rise, with roommates, or are starting your tiny family in your first home, this gift to yourself is one that can continue to give. You deserve a candle just as magical, practical, soft, and strong as you. Whether you’re gifting small packages of light or opening up a brand-new shipping box, this candle subscription is a match made in heaven.


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