The Negative Side Effects of Consuming Caffeine


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Coffee is a beverage that thousands of people consume daily. There are a lot of people who are unaware of the negative impact of drinking coffee.

Coffee is considered to have adverse side effects as it could cause nervousness and agitation to a person, and for some, it creates digestive issues and migraines. It contains caffeine, and that makes you restless. Depending on the amount of coffee you drink in a day, it can become harmful and lead to insomnia.

The Negative Side Effects of Consuming Caffeine

If you are addicted to coffee, then MUD\WTR can be your best alternative for replacing coffee. In some conditions, caffeine blocks the adenosine receptors leading to paralysis.

Pregnant females should avoid having coffee more than a cup a day as it does not have good effects on the foetus since they are caffeine sensitive.

Here listed below are the five adverse side effects of consuming caffeine:

1. Insomnia –

We are well aware that coffee stays highly in demand as it keeps us awake, but on the other hand, too much caffeine could immensely harm your body. Studies have proved that the higher the amount of caffeine in the body, the less sleep an individual will have. Although there are some excellent genetic sleepers where the caffeine might not harm much but to the ones who do not sleep much will observe being sleep deprived after consuming too much caffeine. The more you drink caffeine, like twice or thrice in a day, the more difficult it gets for you to get sound sleep.

2. Digestion Issues –

Caffeine produces a laxative effect that releases gastrin in the stomach. The caffeine present in the coffee has a bowel effect in the body and creates a contraction in the path where the food moves from the digestive tract. Studies say that there were patients diagnosed with diarrhoea who were found to have a high amount of caffeine in their body; this may also cause loose stools.

3. Anxiety –

High consumption of coffee in the body can also lead to Anxiety issues as caffeine blocks the adenosine receptors, which a type of brain chemical that causes you to feel tired. If doses increase, it may lead to anxiety, jitteriness, and nervousness.

If the daily caffeine intake reaches 1000mg, one may show rapid breathing and higher stress levels.

4. High Blood Pressure –

Research states that caffeine increases the risk of heart disease or stroke. Caffeine releases a chemical that harms the nervous system. It might get worse in the condition of such patients who already have blood pressure issues.

5. Addiction –

You might have heard many different types of addiction like alcohol, drugs, smoke, but did you know caffeine can also get you addicted to it. Although this addiction’s side effects are not harsh, like cocaine and drugs yet, it does get you on such a stage that you tend to get a little aggressive.

Summing Up

These were some of the side effects of consuming caffeine. However, the worst effects are where caffeine blocks the adenosine receptors as it directly affects our brain, which is the central processing unit of the human body. If taken in less amount, coffee might not have harmful effects.

But on the other side, if taken in higher amount might lead to disturbances in your day-to-day life and can have worse effects on people already suffering from heart issue and blood pressure. Children should avoid consuming coffee and instead prefer some healthy alternatives of it.


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