Do Hair Growth Shampoo Really Work?


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Hair growth products are something everyone has heard of at some point. There are many different types of products available. Some hair products boost growth and give you longer hair, and others are made for those with thinning hair.

Do Hair Growth Shampoo Really Work

With so many products on the market, how can you know if they actually work? Let’s find out.

Why Do You Need Hair Growth Products?

Before you can pick out a hair growth shampoo, it is crucial to determine why you think you need one. Did you get a haircut that didn’t turn out as expected, or have you noticed your hair getting thinner? All shampoos aren’t right for every cause.

If you have used growth products in the past with little to no results, it is possible that you simply didn’t use a product suited for you. It is not the same to be losing hair due to a genetic disposition to hair loss, as losing hair because you brush it too much or overuse hair products.

For thinning hair, you might need a medical diagnosis before you try to use a growth shampoo, but if you are looking to grow your hair out and finally get that long hairdo you’ve been wanting, then the odds are definitely in your favor.

What Promotes Hair Growth

The key to growing your hair long is to make sure it is well cared for and that it receives proper nutrition. Dry and brittle hair is likely to break, and an itchy and dry scalp might prevent your hair from growing at a proper rate.

If you are already taking good care of your hair and it still won’t grow – you are ready to try a hair growth shampoo.

Vitamin B and Biotin are two things known to promote healthy hair and hair growth, which is why many people opt for taking supplements to provide their body with what it needs. Foods like whole grains, egg yolk, and yeast also have a natural supply.

Biotin, especially, aids in the production of keratin – a hair growth protein often found in hair growth products like shampoos and conditioners.

Recognizing a Growth Shampoo That Works

Sulfates are found in many types of shampoos and hair products, and there is some evidence indicating that they may prevent hair growth. A good growth shampoo will have been created with this in mind, and they often contain the hair growth protein keratin.

The science behind a working hair growth product is that it cares for your hair while providing additional nutrients known to promote hair growth. Unless your hair is healthy, it is unlikely to grow, and many quality products aim to promote blood circulation in the scalp, with the purpose of stimulating hair growth.

Not all growth shampoos on the market work the same, and not all are considered good or effective. What defines a working growth shampoo is not just the ingredients (such as keratin), but the quality of what is in the shampoo, the concentrations of the ingredients, and how well it works on your hair.


What growth shampoos do is boost the health of your hair, so that it can grow stronger and longer, and reach its full growth potential. It is not a magical solution that will give you Rapunzel hair overnight, but the right product could significantly better your hair quality – allowing it to grow longer.


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