All You Need To Know About Hand-Tied Wefts


Hair extensions can cover thinning or bald patches or add life to tired, wavy locks. Extensions can also be custom-made to fit the individual’s needs and preferences.

Whether you are looking for a quick fix to add length and volume to your hair or seek a more permanent solution, an extension is available that is perfect for you. Hand tied extensions are becoming increasingly popular because they can add length and volume to hair. They can be put up in a variety of styles and can be created with a variety of techniques.

What Are Hand-Tied Wefts?

  • Hand-tied wefts offer a versatile and affordable way to add length, volume, and curl to your hair.
  • Using a combination of hair ties and curlers, you can create your desired look in just a few minutes.
  • Whether you need extra length for a formal event or want to add some bounce to your curls for summertime fun, hand-tied extensions are the perfect solution.

How Much Do The Hand-Tied Wefts Cost?

The cost of these extensions can vary depending on the provider and type of weave used. A basic hand-tied may run between $50-$100, while more intricate weaves can cost up to $200+.

How Are They Installed?

Hand-tied wefts are for those who want thicker, fuller hair. These are installed by wrapping the hair around a thick elastic band. This process allows the hair to be pulled out of the root and gives it a fuller look. There are many different ways to hand-tie extensions, each with its advantages.

One of the most common methods is known as the French knot method. This technique involves looping one end of the hair around an arm or your fingers, then making a small loop with the other end and tucking it underneath the first one. This formation creates a “bun” that can then be pulled tight.

Other methods include the ponytail method and the fishtail method. These techniques require some practice to get perfect results, but once you know how to do them, they’re easy to use.

How To Keep The Extension In Good Condition?

There are several ways to keep them in good condition. One popular method is to use heat spray on the extensions every few weeks. This will help keep them from becoming brittle and prevent them from falling out. Another way is to use a hair netting wrap every time you wear them. This will help preserve the hair while it is worn and protect it from damage during everyday activities.

How Long Do Extensions Last?

  • The longevity of the extensions depends on the kind of care you give them.
  • Hand-tying wefts can last for several months or even years if the hair is properly cared for.
  • Proper care includes combing the knots regularly and applying a conditioning treatment such as oil, serum, or balm.
  • If the hair feels dry, brittle, or snarled, it must be treated more aggressively with a conditioner.

Wrap Up

Hand-tied wefts add more length and volume to your hair without the hassle and expense of getting a full head of hair extensions. They’re also great for freshening your look without getting a new hairstyle.


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