Top 7 IT Security Frameworks and Standards Explained


The trend in the Information Technology field is nothing but something that is popular at a given period of time. A trend clearly reflects what looks to be going around at any given time. A trend can be in any field and does not only reflect fashion, pop culture, and entertainment but also many ongoing changes in the IT sector. There can also be a trend in the stock market, depending on financial indicators, or a political trend reverting back to the current mood of the nation. With the revolution of digital media around all possible businesses’ aspects, small or large companies, organizations, and lastly governments are relying on networking systems to handle the day to day acts and thus making cybersecurity an important term to safely guard data and information against various online attacks or any access to tamper the sensitive information that can be vital. The rapid change in technologies also aims at a side by side shift in cybersecurity changes as news of breaching in data, ransomware, as well as hacks become the norm.

Top 7 IT Security Frameworks and Standards Explained

Top information security trends to watch out for in this challenging year of 2020.

1) Automotive hacking: Modern vehicles lately have been coming with packed and automated systems making effortless connectivity for drivers in control of the cruise, the timing of the engine, locking of the door, airbags, as well as many advanced systems for the assistance of the driver. These automobile using technologies or simply vehicles, use Bluetooth and WiFi facilities to reciprocate, which also gives them access them to several criminal based activities or threats from hackers. Having control of the vehicle or using headphones for luxury is expected to rise in 2020 with more use of automated engine oriented and arranged parts of an automobile. Self-driving facilities or certain vehicles use an even extended complex chain of systems that require strict and immediate cybersecurity preventive measures. The CISA certification holders are hence called a professional as they handle such situations quite well.

2) Artificial Intelligence potentiality: With the introduction of Artificial Intelligence in all the segments of the market, this well-defined technology, with its application of machine learning, has brought massive changes in cybersecurity. AI has been efficient in creating automated security systems, the natural algorithm, as well as coding, face recognition, and automatic attack detection. The CISA professionals are the most helpful in such situations who are out in the market after proper CISA training. It is used to develop smart spyware and attack to counter the newest security policies in controlling data, the application of AI issued threat detection software that can predict new threats and notify users of any data breach instantly.

3) Mobile phones: Cybersecurity trends equip a considerable hike (up to 50 percent) in mobile banking threats or attacks in 2019, making our compact devices a potential target for hackers. All our information, financial transactions, social accounts, and messages possess more suspicion for individuals. The virus of a smartphone or spyware can hold the research area or a new target for cybersecurity trends in 2020.

4) Breach in data: Data and information will continue to be a leading concern for companies across the globed. Whether it be for an individual or organization, protecting digital and social data is the primary aim for now. Any minor mistake or bug in a system browser or spying software is a potential loophole for black hat hackers to gain control over personal information. New strict rules like General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was enforced from May 25th, 2018 onwards, which offered data and information protection as well as privacy for all the individuals in the European Union(EU). Similarly, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) came into effect after January 1st, 2020, to safely managing the rights of the customers in the California area.

These trends in cybersecurity in 2020 are forced to have more threats in organizations to gather their security measures. It is observed that organizations will utilize more than ever with $100+ Billion on protecting their data and documents alone this year.

With infrastructural security being a significant part of almost all organizations today, it would be a great choice to start the learning process in cybersecurity from now onwards to become experts for tomorrow. Skilled and experienced cybersecurity employees, as well as professionals, are among the most paid job employees in 2020 because of their immense help to society.


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