Top Factors That Affect Ceramic Coating Cost


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A ceramic seal is an optical upgrade for the vehicle, which gives it more shine. This coating also fulfils a protective function that can protect the car from external influences. This article will determine the ceramic coating cost, what constitutes this cost, and whether a sealant for the car is even worthwhile.

Top Factors That Affect Ceramic Coating Cost

The Essentials in Brief

  • A ceramic seal should fulfil a protective and gloss function. It should provide car paint protection.
  • The cost of a ceramic seal depends on several factors. It includes the size, condition, and construction of the car, the quality of the work, additional services, and the number of coats to be applied.
  • The average price is between 500 and 1500 AUD.
  • Ceramic sealing pays off over time. Car care costs and time are rapidly decreasing.

Ceramic Sealing: This Is How the Costs Are Composed

There is no general answer to how many ceramic coating costs for your vehicle depend on various factors. You will now learn in more detail what these are and what influence the elements have on the price of ceramic sealing for the car:

1. Size of the Vehicle

Sealing means a lot of manual work. It is very time-consuming. The bigger the car, the more person-hours it takes to seal and the more the procedure costs. Ceramic sealing is, therefore, the cheapest for small cars and motorcycles, followed by medium-sized vehicles. Sealing SUVs, off-road vehicles, sedans, and large pickups and vans are the most expensive.

2. Structure of the Car

But not only has the size of the vehicle but also the external shape plays an important role. Severely jagged cars, such as sports cars, are very demanding in terms of preparation and sealing.

As more time has to be planned when working on small, rugged areas, this also costs correspondingly more. That is why you cannot infer the ceramic coating cost from the vehicle size alone and keep an eye on the car’s shape.

3. Condition of the Vehicle

The better the vehicle’s condition, the less effort has to be invested in preparing the sealing. You can apply a ceramic seal only to flawless paintwork. It means that you must thoroughly clean the vehicle. Every small piece of dirt or dust is problematic for a seal. That is why most cars also have to be polished and removed from grease and dirt residues.

In some cases, plasticine has to be used to remove insect remains from the paint. It is the only way to ensure no scratches or other sources of interference on the colour that would hinder the seal. Therefore, the cost of ceramic sealing on a car increases depending on how much effort has to be put into preparing the procedure.

4. Number of Layers to Be Applied

Depending on which ceramic seal is used, one to three layers are necessary. The more layers applied, the more work this takes and the more the sealant costs. However, you should note that more layers are much more stable and more durable than fewer layers. In the long term, applying several layers can, therefore, make financial sense.

The Last Thing

The better the sealing is done, the more money it is worth. You should inform yourself well about companies that offer sealing at low prices because the work may not be carried out as well and with less effort.


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