Transforming an Outside Space Made Simple


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Over the past few years people have been seeing maybe a little more of their interior than they’d like. With many people turning their hand to DIY, spring cleaning, renovations and more the home design sector has been improving immeasurably. For those of us with an outside space. a patch of garden or a patio floor for example, there are ways to expand the utility of the space that are worth considering. From simple devices put on a patio to full refits that have complimentary installation.

Transforming an Outside Space Made Simple

What Kind of Space Do You Have?

Firstly, examine what you’re working with. Even if it’s a meter wide and half meter deep balcony! Any outdoors space can be transformed into something useful. Once you’ve established what you have to play with, find a suggestion below!

A Small, Solid Space

If you’re trying to make the most of a corner of patio or a tiny balcony, then consider the positioning of the space. Using the verticality of the space may be more efficient than the floor space itself since it’s so small. So, look into taller, thinner objects like high stools rather than chairs. Clothes poles, a floor-anchored umbrella and such can also add utility to the space.

A Small, Soft Space

If you’re looking to transform a patch of shrub or grass, or a row of mud alongside the house, into something new then the best way to use that space is by embracing its natural side. It’s unlikely anything like a barbeque or such will fit without wasted space, so look into things like hedgehog houses, insect hotels and more. A few stacks of old wood or a pile of leaves can make those tiny spaces hubs for life.

A Large, Solid Space

If you have a court or patio to work with your possibilities become seemingly endless, beyond the restriction that items and furniture placed on top of existing work will be more pleasant than uprooting the lot. You can add some rustic charm through a DIY bar of old pallets or add a traditional wicker chair set around a centerpiece or low table.

A Large, Soft Space

The most versatile and freeing space to work in – a large garden. With no flowerbeds or stone paving or decking in the way you have free-reign and can incorporate entire set-pieces into your new garden. Establishing a whole new aesthetic is actually easy when you have this much freedom, as you can install something as defining as a hot tub! Hot tubs UK access is easy and even has access to showrooms to see exactly how your space will be changed. Taking a space and transforming it entirely is a rare situation, and a great opportunity to have something like a hot tub and its surrounding furniture installed.

Whatever You Do, Make It Your Own

From the tiniest balconies to the largest gardens, you are the advocator of change. You get to experiment, experience nature, design and tweak to your hearts content. Getting yourself on Pinterest, exposing yourself to high-class designs on hot tub and outdoor bar sites and visiting local hardware stores all contribute to your inspiration and making it your own.


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