Video Game Design vs Video Game Development


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Video gaming is becoming one of the topmost hobbies and it’s thanks to the pandemic that people have spent a lot of their free time gaming. Many young boys and girls between the ages 15 and 30 and even sometimes ages less or more are completely into gaming as part of their favorite pastime during this pandemic.

Video Game Design vs Video Game Development

There is no wonder to the fact that the gaming industry has now become a billion-dollar industry and hires around 50,000 employees on average. Game development courses in Kolkata are becoming one of the sought-after classes for the young and aspiring gaming enthusiasts to turn their hobbies into a job and profession.

Game designing and game development is one of the most popular jobs in the IT industry and is fast becoming one of the highest-paid jobs in the industry.

If you are someone who has an eye for imagination and creativity that is powered and envisioned by coding and programming, then you must find yourself a game designing or game developing course preferably one that has a good record of sending out candidates to topmost companies and provisioning them with the best of gaming knowledge and skills such as Game development courses in Kolkata.

Game Designing and Game Development

There is a huge difference in the two terms, however similar they might sound. Game designing is one of the most initial parts whereas game development is the further along part which is more of an extensive process. The difference between the two processes is mentioned below:

Game Designing

Game designing is the initial part where a team imagines and comes up with the genre of the game, the title, the characters, the storyline, the background, the props, and the purpose of the game along with all the movements, props, and graphics that can be a unique feature for this game.

This is one of the most difficult processes, even more so than developing the game, however, a game developer needs to have a lot more technical prowess to make this ploy come alive.

Game designers come up with various ideas and stories based on which games can be envisioned upon. They also develop certain coding that can be used as an initial run for testing in the existing framework. These ideas are then passed on to the head of the designing where one or a few of the games get approved and move on to the developing team.

Game designing is very theoretical and requires knowledge as much as creativity. If you are someone with exquisite creativity and vision, then game designing can be your forte.

Game Development

Game development comes in the second stage where the approved layout and storylines reach the game developing team with programmers, animators, VFX engineers, and graphic specialists. They can visualize and create backgrounds, characters, actions, movements, props, definitions, and their corresponding computer responses on a certain language platform.

The designers and developers work hand in hand in this process to ensure that the development is as close to the designed video game and they can build and enhance it further as they go along. Game developers need to have fluent programming, graphic, and VFX skills to bring a video game outline to life. They are guided by a team of specialists in each stage.

These are the basic differences between game designing and game development.


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