What Does a Modern Interior Design Entail?


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Of all the interior designs, one that is modern might be what people find themselves most drawn to much of the time. Many people will have a preference for a cosier, cottage-type environment, but modern aesthetics are undeniably popular on a broader scale. What does it mean, though? What does a modern home look like? Most importantly of all, perhaps, can you convert your current residence into one?

Answering all of these questions will mean examining the basics, picking the elements that resonate with you most, and turning your attention to your environment to make the necessary changes – even if you find that you only need to make a few for a larger impact.

Geometric Patterns and Shapes

At a point, this might be something that you associate more with the art deco movement than anything else, but due to the lack of complexity in a lot of modern, minimalist designs – the presence of simple shapes and patterns when they do emerge can be a nice break from the rest of the aesthetic without clashing in tone. Furthermore, if you’re more interested in the ‘modern’ side of things than the ‘minimalist’, the nature of these patterns can take on a more futurist impression, emboldening your home with a sleek and clean presentation. The consideration that you might have to make here is how to apply these. The most natural place for them might be the walls, which you can apply through the use of Graham & Brown wallpaper, but you might also feel like doors and certain, carefully selected items of furniture are a good destination for them as well.

This is also an opportunity for you to tie in other aspects of your design – although doing so requires a level of foresight, and might restrict you from deviating further down the line should you fancy a change. For example, you could align the patterns on the wall with the patterns displayed by some decorations or items of furniture, but the problem here could arise if you decide to replace the furniture, as you might fear it leaves the pattern motif adrift.

Monochromatic Colour-Scheme

Many who apply the modern interior design style to their own home do so through a great deal of white or black colouring. This is often done with a roughly even distribution of each so that the focus remains on the stark contrast between them and creating a bold aesthetic. It can also help to make things look clean, sleek, and minimal, even if that isn’t ultimately your aim. That being said, some might opt to lean more into one colour than the other, though you do risk something of an over-indulgence which could threaten to negatively impact the visual quality of your home. This also might depend on your natural light situation. If it’s too dark, then the natural light won’t be taken advantage of at all, but the whole effect could shift too far the other way if your whole design is focused around light decorations.

This isn’t a blanket rule, either, and if you aren’t especially fond of the monochromatic approach, you can still apply a modern interior design to your home. While more muted colours might still make up a lot of the groundwork, you can do this so that the presence of sharper colours is even more noticeable – though you might want to opt for muted versions of other colours to avoid them being too jarring. One way that you might go about including colour is through other types of decorations, such as house plants that can stand out among the furniture and draw visitors’ eyes towards them.

Sparse Decoration

When it comes to modern homes, one of the biggest factors might often be the subject of minimalism. While it’s something that’s largely been optional up to this point, there might come a time when you have to decide if it’s a route that you want to take. If you do, it can offer a clean aesthetic that could keep things organised, but some might feel that comes at the cost of homeliness. You have to decide whether that’s too high a price to pay or not.

For some people, the idea of being sparse with decorations will be positive and will lean directly into how much they want to put into their home. For others, especially those who love constantly adding and changing how rooms in their property look, this will likely be too tall of an order. As always, however, you don’t have to conform exactly to a particular design style and are free to take bits and pieces from it as you wish.


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