4 Things to Delegate to Make Your Life Easier


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You know that old saying “if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself”? Fortunately, it is not true.

One of the ways to make the best of your time and your life, in general, is to learn what are the things you can delegate to others and make your life easier in the process.

4 Things to Delegate to Make Your Life Easier

Your time and energy are valuable resources, and if you spread yourself too thin, you risk facing burnout and being less efficient and productive than you could be. To avoid that, let others take a bit of worry away from you so that you can focus on the essential things in your life and career.

Here are the things to delegate to make your life easier.

Lease a car – or a few of them!

Buying a new car is expensive. To make matters even worse, the minute you leave the car dealership lot, your new car loses fifty percent of its initial value.

On top of that, there are other financial matters such as car insurance that you will be in charge of if you buy a new car.

If you want to drive the latest car model, leasing a car is better. Once your lease is up, you can simply return your current car, swap it for a newer model or a completely different make that you like, and leave the car dealership with a brand new vehicle.

On the financial side of the deal, leasing a car is also the better option since your car lease tends to be lower than what you would pay in a monthly payment for a new car.

To make matters even better, the car leasing company is the one who is in charge of car insurance throughout the car lease period, as long as there is no excess wear and tear.
If you own a business that requires reliable new vehicles, consider hiring a fleet management company. You will get all the benefits of a car lease paired up with extra care for your cars and their drivers. You can hire best cars in the market for your ease with the help of brokers like auto brokers Queens and in other regions.

Hire a property manager

If you own real estate, your gut instinct might be, once more, to deal with tenants, rent, and all the accompanying laws and regulations by yourself. Not only is that a waste of your time and resources, but there are also chances that you will miss something or do something wrong.

That is where a professional property manager comes in. Property management, when done correctly, can save you a lot of money in the long run.

A professional property manager will be able to take care of a variety of matters for you. From finding the right tenants – and getting rid of the bad ones – to dealing with routine and emergency repairs, taking care of your property when vacant, and selecting the right amount of rent to charge, a property manager can deal with it all.

Property managers are also familiar with local and state laws. This can come in handy not only when evicting tenants or collecting late rents and when it comes to conflict resolution or even avoiding the possibility of you getting sued over some law that you didn’t even know existed.

After all, a manager functions as a buffer between you and your tenants, so you can treat renting your property as a business instead of getting too involved personally.

Delegate some tasks to your kids

Finally, the good news is that you do not have to limit tasks delegating to your work and business. You can use the same tactics at home to make your life even easier.

What you can do is create an incentive for your kids to do the small chores around the house.

Set up a reward system that gives each task a point value – for instance, setting up the table could be worth one point, taking out the trash can be worth two, taking the dog out for a walk three, and so on.

Then, establish a reward system. Set up different prizes at different levels. For example, something smaller, like your kid’s favorite sweets can be a “level one” prize, while the top tier prize can be a brand new game or a piece of sports equipment.

As an additional incentive, you can use Monopoly money as a token, so your children can keep track of how far along towards the goal they have progressed.

Once you get this system up and running, you will be amazed at how easy it is to get your kid to unload the dishwasher or do another small task around your home. And, those small tasks tend to pile up and take a lot of your time.

More stuff to delegate at and around your home

Remember, when you delegate boring or hard things to someone else, what you are actually doing is saving your time and energy and devoting it to things that really matter in your life and business.

While your kids can – and will – help you with some of those tasks, you should not stop there.

Consider hiring a personal assistant who would take care of your lifestyle matters such as party and vacation planning, gift shopping, and running errands for you.

Professional cleaning services can take care of your vacuuming, dusting, carpet, and window cleaning. They can also clean your bathroom and kitchen – both of these tasks can be daunting and time-consuming without proper skills, equipment, and tools.

Lawn mowing, meal planning, grocery shopping, keeping your landscape at its best, or hiring a nanny – all of these are different forms of delegating that you can do.


No matter if you are running a business or you simply want to make your everyday life a bit easier, almost any help you can get is good help – as long as it is handled by experienced professionals.

Do not be afraid to let go of some of the duties you do. Let others take care of them. That way, you will get more of the most valuable resource there is – time – to devote to yourself and growing as a person. There is no way to put a price on that.


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