What Kind of Garage Door is Suitable For You?


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The garage might have been invented in order for the new car owners of the early 20th century to store their chugging steeds, but it has filled a myriad of different roles. Today, garages are used for all sorts of activities. Different garage door styles are suitable for different uses. Here is a quick guide to some of the most common garage uses and the doors appropriate for them.

What Kind of Garage Door is Suitable For You

Home Recording Studio

Garages have long been home to band practices and home recording studios: so much so that several genres of music have been named after the humble carport. The kind of garage doors installations suitable for home recording studios have to have a few things in common. Firstly, they need to be relatively soundproof – or easily customizable with sound-absorbing foam. Steel slats of the kind that make up a great many garage doors are terrible for insulating sound. There are some very expensive fully soundproof slat garage doors, but they might be pushing your budget a little too far if you are trying to build a modest home studio. Secondly, garage doors for home studio use need to be very secure. The chances are pretty high that you cherish your instruments and recording equipment more than most of the objects in your home.

For these reasons, hinged garage doors are the best choice for home recording studios. They are available as insulated units, can be very secure, and are easily customizable with insulating foam.

Woodworking Shop

Most garage door installation types are pretty suitable for woodworking shops. As is the case with home recording studios, you need to pay some attention to sound insulation if you plan on using power tools to work wood regularly. You also want a garage door that provides a good deal of heat insulation. Wood naturally warps during extreme changes in temperature, which can damage complex woodworking joins. Don’t go for a roll-up design, as these bleed heat and sound extensively.

Car Maintenance

A roll-up garage door is perfect for somebody serious about maintaining their car in their garage. Roll-up doors are often seen in professional mechanic’s workshops. There are three good reasons for this. Firstly, they take up almost no space. Unlike other doors, they don’t slide upwards or to the side. Instead, roll-up doors roll into a drum when they are opened – leaving all of the ceiling and wall spaces free. Secondly, roll-up doors are secure. They can’t be easily jacked open or cut through. Lastly, roll-up doors are cheap and withstand damage well. Your door will no doubt get bumped into and dented quite a bit if you plan on maintaining a vehicle regularly behind it. Getting a simple, cheap, and robust roll-up door is a good idea for piston heads.


A Steel slat door – the most popular kind in the USA – is perfect for a cinema setup. Allowing a relatively large amount of heat insulation customization and a neutral appearance, this kind of door makes sense for the cinephile looking to create the ultimate home theatre.


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