Safety First! Protect Your Employees Who Work at Heights


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Working at heights means that working in anyplace above or below the ground level. Generally, working at height requires a lot of precautions, and regulations as a person could be injured if he fell from that place. As it can result in fatalities and major injuries, employers should take practical measures to reduce the risks of workers working at heights.

Safety First! Protect Your Employees Who Work at Heights

Hence today, many employers are strict with precautions and safety measures yet some employees fail to adhere to the prevention methods. An incident rate calculator can be a valuable tool for employers to identify potential hazards and monitor workplace safety. Along with fall prevention equipment, utilizing an incident rate calculator can greatly improve the safety of employees. In order to minimize the risks, employers may have to fix fall prevention equipment in the work sphere. If you are an employer and looking for such equipment, you can order yours right away from Prox-Secur solutions.

In this article, let us thoroughly go through how to protect the employees who work at heights. The following table of content will navigate you throughout the article.

  1. What Are the Dos and Don’ts When Working at Heights?
  2. What Should Employers Do Before Starting to Work at Heights?
  3. What Are the Fall Prevention Equipment?
  4. Final Thoughts

What Are the Dos and Don’ts When Working at Heights?

Preventing employees from risks is a part of the duty of the employer. Let us see what are the “Dos” and “Don’ts” when working at heights.

Dos when working at heights

  • Ensure workers can reach the workstation that is above or below the ground level safely.
  • Make sure the equipment is checked and maintained regularly.
  • The equipment should be suitable and easy to use when working at heights.
  • The employees should be advised on how to use equipment in an emergency at heights.
  • Make sure employees work on strong surfaces.
  • Provide protection from falling objects.
  • Advise the employees to wear helmets, safety kits, gloves, and other safety wear.
  • Prepare a special team to take care of employees in an emergency.
  • Prepare a first aid box to use in an emergency.

Don’ts when working at heights

  • Don’t overload ladders with equipment and materials; the ladder should be kept in a way that employees can get down easily in an emergency.
  • Don’t let the employees work on slippery, fragile surfaces.
  • Don’t let the incompetent workers work at height; proper training should be given to them before working.
  • Don’t let the employees without helmets and safety kits working at heights.
  • Don’t disturb the employees working at heights; let them concentrate on the work.

What Should Employers Do Before Starting to Work at Heights?

  • All work must be scheduled and properly planned.
  • A risk assessment should be conducted before start working.
  • Should check the condition of the equipment.
  • The health condition of the employees should be tested.
  • Should provide safety kits and helmets.
  • The employees should be well trained and educated on the job role.
  • Risks from fragile surfaces should be controlled.
  • Investigate the surrounding of the work sphere.

What Are the Fall Prevention Equipment?

Here is the best fall prevention equipment that you can fix in the work sphere.

1. Power Tower

It is easy to elevate, storage and transport. It comes with a protective cover and seems durable.

2. Guardrail system

Guardrail system is easy to install and offers peace of mind to maintenance workers as they know they can work safely.

3. Easy Scaffolding

Consider scaffolding hire Cambridge as it does not require tools, you can have an easy fix. It is adjustable and safe for employees to work at heights.

4. Be e safe

Adjustable equipment. Fully designed for access and safety of workers. It prevents falling from heights to a large extent.

If you wonder, where can you buy these, head over to full prevention equipment distributors; they have amazing mechanisms.


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