What Exactly Does a Personal Trainer Do?


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We all know that a personal trainer who has completed personal trainer programs helps their client reach their fitness goals, yet many people are unaware of what that involves. The fitness professional is with the client throughout all workout sessions, yet there’s so much more involved when you hire a personal trainer.

What Exactly Does a Personal Trainer Do

Initial meeting

When you schedule an introductory Zoom call with a personal trainer in Bangkok, the fitness pro asks a lot of questions; your history and background, your likes and dislikes and, of course, your fitness goals. Your goal might be to get fit enough to start playing football again, or you have signed up for a charity half-marathon at the start of next year and can’t bear to think what would happen if you gassed out at the halfway point.

Assessing your physical fitness

Aside from looking at you, the personal trainer discovers a lot about your current fitness levels using dialogue and that allows them to create a series of workout routines that are suitable for where you are. Part of the training is to be able to evaluate a person’s fitness levels and without this, you can’t really set any goals.

Goal Setting and timelines

Now that the personal trainer has assessed your current fitness level, it is possible to think about goals. You might be looking forward to a hiking holiday and need to be in shape, or perhaps you fancy doing some MMA, whatever your goals, the personal trainer will create a plan that includes both short- and long-term objectives.

Learning by doing

When you first sign up for a personal training course, you might not be aware that there’s a lot of teaching involved, helping you to better understand your body and this new knowledge will stay with you for the rest of your life. Learn how to effectively warm up and down, which reduces the risk of injury, while you will also learn about recovery, stamina and muscle growth. When you finish a 3-month course, you know enough to not require further professional help. Click here for tips on treating a sporting injury.

Dietary intake

The personal trainer will insist on creating weekly diet sheets that you should follow; of course, there are always options, several foods that give you the protein, so you do have menu choices. Learn which foods and drinks to avoid; for some people hiring a personal trainer leads to becoming a vegan, which is proven to be a healthy lifestyle.

Essential motivation

When you are in the middle of a gruelling weight training session, this is when your motivation can drop and your PT is your training buddy (in many cases, they workout alongside the client). It is perfectly natural to try and find reasons to put off the pain sessions, or to cut the rep sets, yet with a personal trainer in your team, you have all the motivation you need to smash your fitness goals.

If you have good health and a desire to get fit, the personal trainer will provide the other ingredients to ensure that you succeed.


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