6 Key Differences Between Inkjet and Laser Printers That you Must Know!


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Looking to know the difference between an inkjet or laser printer? Which printer cartridges give superior quality prints? How do they differ from each other? And how do they work are some of the questions that always arise in your mind.

6 Key Differences between Inkjet and Laser Printers That you Must Know

With a lot of such questions and choices to opt form, choosing the best printer becomes overwhelming. But needn’t get worried! By helping you understand the 6 topmost key differences today, we will ready you to make a purchase in the one-go.

Believe us, once you put a complete insight into these below-mentioned key differences, your all problems will be resolved by choosing the best printer. So, what are you looking for? Read on the post interestingly & know which printer is the most suitable for you.

Top 6 Must-Check Key Differences between Inkjet & Laser Printers

1. Technology

An inkjet printer produces prints by spraying tiny drops of ink onto a sheet in a certain pattern. This ink is basically found from plastic capsules named as ink cartridges. These ink cartridges are genuinely sold with all types of ink colors. You will see an abundance of printers that only have the basic colors such as black, cyan, magenta, and yellow. But let us tell you that inkjet printers come in 9 different cartridges. This reason makes an inkjet printer satisfactory and an amazing choice for producing excellent color prints.

A laser printer, on the other hand, doesn’t utilize ink, it uses toner cartridges to make a print. Toner is basically a powder that’s melted on the surface at a high temperature. Laser printers marketed in large toner cartridges, allowing you to print for a long time without even repairing, refilling and recycling your cartridges. Toner cartridges are far more affordable than ink cartridges, either you choose a canon ink Cartridge or other but are not most recommended for making color prints. Laser printers are fast, reliable, superior, and cost-effective.

2. Performance

Although people can avail printing services Sydney and rest of the world locations easily in the market. But it if important to have a good performance based printer at your home for saving you from those hectic visits to market and spending hefty amounts. Inkjet printers always produce prints with amazing resolution & color reproduction as compared to laser printers. This is the reason, you can give your official documents with vivid images & print sharp photos. You analyze a very smaller difference between text printing from an inkjet or laser printer.

Laser printers print faster and better than inkjet printers. Most of its models print about 25-30 black and white pages/minute, thus, most preferably used. You can give your documents with vibrant color, but you cannot print images. The print it delivers will be smudge-proof, waterproof, and dry, and also its toner will never dry up.

3. Purpose

Laser printers are excellent to get monochrome printing results such as texts and anything that doesn’t include colors. Inkjet printers, however, are renowned for printing high-quality images with distinguished color reproduction & unusual tonal depth.

Laser printers are adequately famous for use in an office while inkjet printers are used in the home by maybe, photographers, students, and creatives who deal with different colors and need printers to print family photos.

4. Mechanism Of Action

Mechanism of action is another bigger difference to see while choosing the best printer for you. Inkjet printers use ‘microscopic nozzles’ to scatter the inks onto the document in the form of droplets.

Laserjet printers, on the other hand, are designed to use their dry toners & a heated fuser to carry texts, images, and illustrations to the sheet. One common issue in inkjet printers is smudging that can be prevented in laser printers. Smudging or fading isn’t the printer’s fault always as the type of printing document used can also be a key causative factor.

5. Price & Cost-Per-Page

Inkjet printers are far more economical than laser printers in cost. Still, there’s a little doubt, which a lot of users usually do not take into account before making a buying decision. What’s that? That’s the real price of cartridges!

If you have an equal number of prints to be printed on both laser & inkjet printers, it will surely cost you more money to recycle/refill the ink of the inkjet printer than replacing the toner of the laser printer.

This way, the overall cost-per-page of inkjet printers will also be increased than the laser counterpart. So, you should make a decision wisely.

6. Efficiency

Last but not least! Efficiency is another one of the biggest differences to consider while purchasing the printer. If you need a printer for your small businesses, university work, library, and to fulfill other small printing needs then a laser printer is the most suitable for you.

Laser printers are durable, print fast, and can print pages quickly as their main focus is to print text, heavy documents. Also, when you don’t need a lot of graphics that need to be clear and vibrant, a laser printer is a perfect option to choose from.

Apart from it, if you are running a printing business, then using an inkjet printer will benefit you a lot. To print banners, labels, and other graphical documents, you need a printer that can work superiorly for you. And there’s no other option that can beat it than inkjet printers.

Analyze your printing needs thoroughly and then make the decision wisely. Your one little mistake can lead you to face so many challenges and issues in getting quality prints.


Concluding all the key differences, we want to say that if you do thorough research before making the purchase, you will buy the best printer for sure. Apart from the printer’s specifications, there’s one more thing vital to consider is printer cartridges.

You have to ensure that you also check its specifications as cartridges of different companies vary according to the printer’s capabilities. The decision is completely yours! Either you choose the best printer for you and get excellent printing results, seeing the difference or else you buy the low-quality printer and poor printing results.

We hope you understood our point of concern and take it seriously. If you have any doubts in your mind then tell us in the comment section below.

We appreciate your feedback and opinions.

Enjoy reading & have a safe day ahead!


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