Last-Minute Gifts for Her


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Whether you have realized it is almost a week away until Christmas or another birthday has slipped through your memory cracks, plenty of people have been in a position where they need to grab themselves a last-minute gift for someone.

Last-Minute Gifts for Her

If petrol station flowers just will not do for your special recipient, then read this piece to be inspired with some last-minute gift ideas.

Grow Your Own Thai Garden Kit

If you have someone in your life who is a lover of Thai food and would like to get a little more adventurous in the kitchen, then gifting them their own garden to grow could be the best idea, albeit last minute one, you have had yet!

Fresh herbs just make a dish, and the joy of growing your own and seeing something you have nurtured come to life can be particularly rewarding.

Gift a Unique Experience

For those who have friends and relatives that love to get out and explore, gifting them a unique experience is a great last-last minute option, as you can print off the receipt to any experience and put it in a card! A caveat is that you might want to check any expiration dates or terms and conditions for any specific activity, as things are a little complicated with the pandemic, and you do not want anyone to miss out. That being said, plenty of businesses are honoring extended periods – so just check beforehand!

Hot Chocolate Bomb Gift Set

A hot chocolate bomb is great for chocolate lovers and keeps in a cozy tradition with winter. Even the plainest of hot chocolates can taste like the best thing since sliced bread, but a chocolate bomb definitely adds a novelty that a basic powder hot chocolate is just missing! A step up from a chocolate stirrer, this gift makes a sweet little present for anyone you might not know very well, too – chocolate is usually a safe bet.

Make It Personalized

If you are thinking about a personalized gift, you might not need to be worried that you have left it too late. With express shipping available, you can find the perfect personalized gift to give to a loved one, adding that extra special feeling associated with a gift. If you need some inspiration, then browse through some personalised gifts for her and find exactly what you are looking for.

There is everything from bookmarks, pillows to candles, and diamond paperweights! Find an item you think they will love, add their name or a message, and see their face light up upon opening the gift.

A Tumbler or Mug

It is a simple gift that, if you get it right, can become their new favorite accessory that they use every day. Get your gift on the favorite mug list, and choose something you know they will love to put their morning cup of coffee or tea in. It will be a bonus that they think of you every time they see it. If you want to add a little more, then why not fill it up with sweets, chocolate, tea bags, or a bag of coffee beans?


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