Few Famous ‘Punjabi Dishes’ You Love to Eat


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Punjabi a name which is synonymous with food, culture and dressing sense which gives the perfect way of enjoying the popular culture which is all about the butter, lassi and parantha making you the most impressive in terms of food. The way one moves from one stall to another at different meals which is the cultural festival and the pani-puri or the gol gappa which could be the most mouth watering delicacies at Amritsar along with Cholle-Kulcha’s and also the saag of various kinds make the season flavors to come up giving a surge in the gastronomic ways to enjoy the lip-smacking food.

Few Famous Punjabi Dishes You Love to Eat

If one talks about the few punjabi dishes then one has to distinctively classify them into veg, non-veg and the starters which can be of the vegan category where heavy dose of paneer comes to be a part of the food culture. The various foods which can make the elaborate spread as one an enjoy it from the Punjabi Kitchen:

1. Butter Chicken:

The Butter Chicken which is a part of the Punjabi Culture can be said to bring the best in you and the saliva cannot be controlled as the mouth watering recipe consists a heavy dose of butter with the various spices which gives the creamy gravy an authentic flavour that cannot be matched. Mostly you can find girls from Punjabi Girl Dating website.

2. Tandoori Chicken:

The love of Tandoor can never go out of the Punjab. If one thought about the tandoori Chicken then the half burnt leg piece brings the most tasteful ways to enjoy the authentic flavour of the spices that lingers long in the mouth and with the chatni which is prepared according to the season’s flavor this is an unmatched combination.

3. Machli Amritsari:

Although, the state is blessed with 5 major rivers still the fish has not penetrated much into the daily recipe. Still few of the dishes for the fish lovers could be the pick of the week in the various menus across restaurants and the Machli Amritsari with a dash of garam masala and to add lemon juice for that tangy flavor sets every thing apart in life.

Dal which is an important source of protein is one of the essential part of the food item and whether it is the Dhaba across the highways, hotels in malls and various other places the food with dal makes it special. So, some of the dal could be flavorful.

4. Dhaba dal:

A lentil which is a generally known as Pili Dal which can be called the Arhar Dal but it is cooked with lots of spices along with tomatoes, herbs and flavors making it one of the best food to carry with the rice or chapati thus taking the enjoyment of the simple food being the best one.

5. Dal Makhani:

The kali dal or the Urad Dal gives the new flavour taste to enjoy with dash of White makhan and cooked with more than a normal timing. The dal which carries the authentic flavor of Punjab to the mouthful taste making the different approach of food served with love.

Although, these are few names to share but Punjabi cuisine is something which can give the enjoyment of a lifetime as every day one could bring a new flavor to the food.


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