What to Consider When Choosing New Windows


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Are you thinking of installing new windows for your house? A window installation may seem like a simple project, but there are a lot of different elements involved in constructing a window. Read on to learn more about the things you should consider when choosing new windows for your property.

What to Consider When Choosing New Windows

Window Frame Material

Window frames are made from various organic or synthetic materials, and sometimes even a combination of both. The type of material you choose will have a great impact on the way your window looks. It will also affect how long the frame will last and how much maintenance it will require. You should consider what type of finish you are going for and which frame material will give you the best value for your money. Here are a few commonly used materials:

  • Wood – Wooden frames are a classic choice. They look great and can even be painted or stained to change their appearance. However, in terms of durability, they only last around 10-20 years if not maintained regularly. They are also prone to rotting, warping, and termite infestations.
  • Vinyl – These windows are made purely from a type of plastic called polyvinyl chloride (PVC). They are more durable than wood and have a lifespan of around 15-25 years. They also do not warp and require very little maintenance. One downside is that vinyl cannot be painted, so you cannot change or update its appearance.
  • Fiberglass – This material is made of plastic reinforced with glass fibers. Fiberglass frames are often used as an alternative to wooden ones because they have a similar finish while being more durable. Manufacturers claim that they have a lifespan of around 50 years. As a result, they are a bit more expensive than wood or vinyl frames.

Window Frame Style

Window frames come in many shapes and sizes. You should choose a frame that fits the overall style of the room it will be placed in and has the features or functions you prefer. Here are a few popular window styles that you can choose from.

Single Hung – This is a classic and simple window style. It is composed of a tall, rectangular frame that is split into an upper and lower pane. The lower pane opens into the home, so it will not take up space outside.

  • Double Hung – This is almost identical in style and shape to the single hung window. However, both upper and lower panes can open, providing you with more ventilation.
  • Two-Panel Slider – This is a wide landscape-oriented rectangular window that is split into a left and right panel. One or both of these panels can slide open towards the other side of the frame.
  • Picture Window – This wide rectangular window usually has a few or no grilles dividing its glass pane. It is fixed in place and does not open. It often serves to highlight the nice scenery outdoors.

Glass Pane Type

There are several types of glass panes out there. Each one has special characteristics, often made to address certain needs. You should consider what particular features your home will need based on factors such as the type of weather you have or the look you want. Some of the most common glass panes are:

  • Float Glass – This is the most basic type of glass. It is clear and provides great light transmission. It is often fragile, so float glass is combined with different materials to make other types of glass.
  • Laminated Glass – This is made with two sheets of float glass that have a layer of PVB resin in between them. This glass is tougher than plain float glass and does not shatter when it is broken since all the parts stick to the PVB resin. It is a good investment for hurricane-prone areas.
  • Obscured Glass – This is frosted, translucent, or patterned glass. You cannot see straight through the glass, but it still lets a lot of light in. You can keep the inside of your home hidden while still allowing natural sunlight to illuminate the place. Obscured glass is also used for decorative purposes because of the different textures and patterns available.
  • Insulated Glass – This is a triple- or double-layered window. The sheets of glass are typically separated by a space bar. The gap between the sheets can be filled with argon or krypton, which provides an additional layer of insulation. These windows can make your house become more energy efficient. They prevent heat from dissipating into your home and help maintain its internal temperature.

These are just some things to consider before your window installation. Make sure to keep them in mind when shopping for new frames and panes so that you can create the ideal window for your space.


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