What is the Image Gallery on the Site for?


An image gallery is an important part of any website or sales landing page. It is the pictures that make the site more attractive. It is important to select unique images and content, because they always affect Google optimization. Using the adaptive gallery, the user can connect animation effects, use a swipe and various scroll control methods.

What is the Image Gallery on the Site for

There are many useful image galleries on the web. The following are especially popular:

  • Photo Frame https://fotorama.io/ is a minimalist photo gallery that you can use as a photo album or to showcase your work. Thanks to a rational menu, the user can sort their works or pictures. This is a cross-browser gallery that adapts perfectly to any site;
  • least.js – The gallery is great for responsive sites. It displays well on both desktop and mobile versions. It uses a plugin that has the function of lazy loading of images, which allows you to save traffic. If you hover over the image, a small description is displayed. If you click on the image, the full view of the version is displayed. By default, the image is generated randomly on the entire page;
  • The shirt gallery is a fairly simple but interesting effect that is often used on online store sites. Here are full-sized images that are placed in a small div container. The image is not fully displayed, and if you hover over the image with the mouse, the shirt will load completely;
  • 3D gallery – it contains all the pictures with the 3D effect. As the cursor moves, all photo thumbnails that have a shadow also move. Added a magnifier function to the gallery, which allows you to zoom in on a photo instead of text;
  • Animated gallery – allows you to animate pictures using the special animate function. When you hover over the image, the color changes smoothly from black, white to color.

All galleries are perfect for jQuery. This is a special library that allows you to use the gallery on the site and work with various visual effects and elements. It pleases with versatility and will be relevant for various sites.

How to embed a gallery on a website

Classic galleries are more popular than photo albums. They allow you to display all the images at once, because often site visitors do not want to press the keys to scroll through. Photos of the classic gallery are available immediately for viewing. Such photo galleries are easy to implement, because standard models are created using HTML.

There are many photo galleries for jQuery. They have a large set of parameters for customization and are correctly displayed not only on computers, but also on mobile devices running on the Android iOS operating system.

To connect such a library and gallery to the site, you must perform the following steps:

  • Include the library to the page, leaving a special line inside the tag;
  • Install photo gallery – for this, the archive from the photo gallery is downloaded and unpacked into the directory where the HTML file is located;
  • In order to include a plugin, you need to place a special code under the line with which Jquery support is enabled. If the photo gallery was connected correctly, the following inscription will be displayed in the browser: Galleria works;
  • Next, gallery options are set and images are added. Using the CSS class, you can set the color length and width;
  • The last step is to activate the plugin and install the photo gallery theme. The user can install both the classic theme and download other designs, but, most often, they are available for a fee.

There are many plug-ins, extensions and photo galleries available for sites on the web that allow you to make unique content. Users can use special services that allow them to assemble a photo gallery on their own, choosing a unique design, taking into account personal preferences.


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