Which is the Best Antivirus Software Norton or McAfee?


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McAfee and Norton both are reputed but today we can do the right comparative study of them. Today most of the computers used all over the world may be victims of the cybercrime. There is a risk of hacking at any time. The test lab has more than three lakh new samples of malware each day. If you do not get the right anti-virus then definitely you are at a risk now. Today we can see the hackers are finding out some new threats and we need to get the best protection for this purpose.

Which is the best antivirus software Norton or McAfee

See who is the real winner now

You need to do the right comparative study and see what is best for you. We will now talk about the McAfee. It’s the real winner and it has a greater number of security features and some additional utilities in the products than Norton. The lab tests say that both software give all-inclusive protection against various malware threats, but McAfee is better than Norton as far as the system performance is concerned. If you want to have a good security solution, then you consider a managed it service provider such as PCM Canada or you can go for an all inclusive antivirus so that you can have the best peace of mind and you will also save your money there. This is the best option for you then.

What all is covered in the McAfee’s Security Suites?

Before you understand what, all is covered in McAfee, we need to know that there are two different antivirus suites, McAfee LiveSafe and McAfee Total Protection. In terms of features there is no much difference, but LiveSafe comes only with the OEM deals and you will not be able to buy the same. You can buy McAfee Total Protection online and you can also go through the mcafee antivirus activation.

The best seller is here

McAfee Total Protection is known as the best seller. This not only gets the best protection against all types of malwares but also it has many of the best features to offer. It has two-way firewall that will check your network traffic and threat attacks before they start working. They also have a file lock system that can be useful. The lock system is all inclusive and this will be very useful for you. You can gather information about the same and then go for using the one.

The safety matters

This will have the advanced password manager and that will ensure the total safety. This will also cover protection against harmful websites. To ensure that the computer has no issues, McAfee covers some of the best features like the Boost. This also goes well with the windows platform and android. There are various prices ranges and one must pick the best one. If you are looking for the auto renewals then you can also go for the Virus Protection Guarantee, if there is a kind of malware infection then the viruses’ will be removed at once or you will get the full refund too. This is the reason you need not worry for the same.

What is covered in Norton’s Security Suites?

This will not only provide the best protection against many malware threats but also it will block the unwanted scams. As you are online it will save your important information too. In the suites not, many things are offered, nor advanced features are there but there are some basic things included. You can get the best discounts to buy these. The next level is the standard level. This will come with a two-way firewall and the best customer support. That also has a guarantee for the virus protection and the expert will help you to keep the device free from the viruses or else you will get the money back.

Protection of the PC

You will be able to save one PC and one MAC or a mobile with just one subscription. There comes the deluxe level. This will cover everything from the standard version and one web portal that will help to work out with all the devices in one place. With this you will be able to protect five PCS and mobiles and tabs under the suite.

System Impact due to antivirus

Every software has some impact on your device. Applications use the resources of your device to process. Programs with more system impact slow down the device. Does McAfee slow down computer? After installing any program, the speed of your device gets affected. McAfee and Norton both have some system impact. As compared to Norton, McAfee antivirus has a low system impact on the devices. McAfee antivirus also provides various device optimization tools to the user for maintaining the system’s health. If you are concerned about the system impact then installing McAfee antivirus is a better option.


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