Making Business Travel More Affordable – Ways You Can Start Saving


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Travelling with business can become unaffordable if you do not keep on top of the costs. Knowing what you are spending on is essential if you want to keep costs low and manageable. Keeping your travel costs low and more affordable will ensure that your business’s account balance is more positive and healthier. So, now that you know that business travel costs matter, what can you do to make a difference, and what can you do to start saving.

Making Business Travel More Affordable - Ways You Can Start Saving

Air Travel

When you are travelling by air, it is important that you book your tickets as far in advance as possible. Booking in advance saves money. Also, if you can try and travel at off-peak times, you save a lot of money, but you compromise a little bit. Most likely your flight times will be late night or early hours of the morning. As well as travelling off-peak, you can also book your airport parking in advance at to save a bit more and guarantee that you can leave your car at the airport when you travel. It is also important to sign up for multiple airline newsletters and email bulletins as they can often send you discounts or last-minute codes, which may come in handy.

Pack Carefully

The more you pack, the more money you will end up spending as excess or overweight luggage costs more to take on an airplane, and it needs more space in a hire car or train compartment. To ensure that you do not get stung with excessive charges, it is important to only pack the essentials and to pack them well. Rolling your clothes in your suitcase will keep them flat, crease-free, and ready for use. Rolling clothes will also make sure that clothes take up the minimum amount of space possible. As space is at a premium when you are travelling for business, it is important that you learn how to pack as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Cars, Trains, and Connections

You often need the quickest routes when travelling for business, but as you are aware, quick is not always cheap. Often, you end up paying a premium for convenience – looking at alternative ways to travel, such as doing part of your journey using a hire car or train. There will be times when air travel is necessary, which is fine; it is just important to be as savvy as possible; for example, claiming your air miles and making use of connections. Connecting flights will add extra time to your journey, but they will save you money.

To truly make business travel affordable, you must look at when you are travelling and why. For example, if you can take that meeting online then you should, or if you can take a 4-hour stopover to reduce cost by a couple of hundred pounds then this is what you must do. Compromising is important to making business travel more affordable.


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