Why Learning Mathematics is Important?


Maths is one of the basic subjects we have learned since childhood. But have you ever thought why do we need to learn Maths? What is the purpose of learning Maths? Where are we going to use the Math theories? Many of you must have come across various applications of it, in the field of engineering, education, airlines, technology, etc. These fields show why it is necessary to have the core knowledge of Maths to understand the logic used here.

Why Learning Mathematics is Important

Let us take an example of the most common concept in Maths, which is Pythagoras Theorem. This concept basically explains the relation between three sides of the right triangle. But when we speak about its real-life applications, this theorem is applicable in construction and architecture. We can find the slope of the roof if the height and length are known to us. Also, it is used in two-dimensional navigation and surveying.

Likewise, in the Education sector, Maths plays a very significant role. The fundamentals of this subject are not only used to do the calculations of numerical problems but also in other subjects like Physics, Chemistry or Commerce, we use the arithmetic operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Also, the logic we apply to solve the numericals helps us to increase our brain potential and thinking capabilities.

In the case of technology, Maths forms a base to the IT industries. The logic used in programming or coding is almost related to Maths. We use many concepts such as iteration, summation, boolean algebra, etc., that are used to build a code for a particular software product. Even in gaming or creating videos or pictures, we use the conceptual knowledge of this subject.

In Business, Maths have a huge scope. Business and Maths go hand to hand with each other, as per the money or revenue gained by the firm. To do the business analysis, we can use Pie Chart, which are helpful to explain the distribution of different factors such as turnover, profit, loss and exposure. We also use stats to check the growth and development of the business over the years.

These were the general specifications of Maths applications in real life, which explains why it’s necessary to learn it. Although going forward, you will come across many usages of this subject.

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