Why Proper Nutrition is So Important for Seniors


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Good nutrition is necessary because it impacts our health, bodies, and minds. As we age, good nutrition becomes especially important for maintaining our health as the way we utilize nutrients and calories changes. By improving a senior’s health, proper nutrition can also help them stay independent for longer, making it possible to age at home. In this article, we will be looking at additional reasons why proper nutrition is essential as we get older.

Why Proper Nutrition is So Important for Seniors

Reduce the Risk of Illnesses and Diseases

Our sense of smell and taste decrease as we age which means many of us enjoy the foods we used to a lot less as we get older. Because of this, you may not eat as you are supposed to, which can increase the risk of certain diseases and illnesses.

This risk increases because not eating properly means you are missing out on minerals, proteins, and vitamins essential for good health and keeping illnesses and diseases away.

It is not only enough for seniors to eat enough food, but also important that they eat the right types of food. Getting proper food can be difficult for some, and this is why options like healthy food benefits exist.

Once you get your health products card through a healthy food benefit, you can shop for healthy foods and products from retailers who accept these cards. This ensures you are getting the right amount of the right food to ensure your nutritional needs are being met.

Ensuring You Remain Strong

Food is the primary source of energy for the body. It is important to eat when we feel hungry, while also ensuring we give the body the nutrients it needs. As we age, our ability to utilize calories decreases. This makes some seniors feel weak even though they are eating the same amounts. The most common remedy to this is eating more food. For seniors who cannot consume larger portions, eating more than three meals a day can help.

It Helps Seniors Avoid Supplements

When you are not getting enough minerals or vitamins through your food, a common remedy is to take supplements. What many people forget is that using supplements for a long time can be costly and while the risk is low, some people are allergic to some ingredients included in supplements.

There is also the risk of substituting supplements for food. This can happen with seniors who do not like the taste or smell of certain foods and thus want to get the nutrients they need from supplements.

Remaining Hydrated

Water plays a role in many of our bodily functions and processes. Water is, therefore, crucial to our health, especially knowing that about 60% of our body is water.

Depending on the weather, seniors need to take at least six glasses of water every day. What you may not realize is that many foods contain significant amounts of water and can contribute to hydration. Examples include most fruits and vegetables, as well as prepared options like soups.

To remain healthy, we need to make a plan of action as we age. Proper nutrition should be an integral part of that plan. Additionally, seniors should consult a doctor or nutritionist regularly to get advice on how to remain healthy.


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