Why We Can See Massive Sale of Pest Repellents When Mosquito Nets are Back in Trend


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This is an open truth that mosquito nets are very much in trend again owing to their clean and chemical free property for keeping the pests away from humans. Magnetic mosquito net also appeal many people as they do not require much efforts like folding and spreading every time we want to use them. But inspite the fact that there is a huge sale of mosquito nets in the market we can see good sale of pest repellents in the market. People are still relying on the idea of chemical pest repellents as compared to mosquito nets. Here we will try to find why the fashion of pest killers is still dominating over mosquito nets which is a clean source of getting the pests away.

Why We Can See Massive Sale of Pest Repellents When Mosquito Nets are Back in Trend

1. Pest repellents are easy to use

When you buy mosquito net for bed it is not that easy to use as compared to pest repellents which is just one tap away to start its work. So if you are a busy person and do not have time to fold and spread mosquito nets every now and then, in such scenario your reliability on pest repellents will automatically increase. This is one of the biggest factor why mosquito nets are incapable of takeover chemically loaded pest killers.

2. High efficiency of pest repellents than mosquito nets

Another reason for not using baby mosquito net or any other net for pest repellence is their low efficiency when subjected to comparison with pest killers. Nobody wants to wake up with one or two mosquito bites with the use of mosquito net as they sometimes gets displaced from their position and let the mosquito entre inside your space leaving you in mosquito stings. On the contrary due to high efficiency of chemical based pest repellents you can see good results and no bites in the morning. People find them best to keep their baby protected from mosquito bites which is a bit dangerous as they are throwing their babies in a chemical environment which is more harmful than mosquito bites.

3. Compact to carry anywhere

One of the most genuine reasons why people still hesitate to use mosquito net for double bed and single bed is that they are not easy to take anywhere easily. On the other hand if we talk about the pest repellents that can easily be tucked in your bag while you are going out or in a journey. Suppose you are travelling in a train and want to protect yourself from pests there then it is quite weird to carry along a mosquito net. Similarly we cannot take it along in other places also which is the reason why they are still not in good use by all the folks.

4. Available at every nook and corner

Mosquito nets whether foldable mosquito net or magnetic one are not available everywhere. Although we can buy them at many places and online platforms but still it is not like the shop next to our home is distributing such nets and we can get them at lightning fast speed. But at the same time when it comes to chemical pest killers they can be purchased from anywhere as they are available at every nook and corner. Owing to the easy access to pest repellents they dominate over mosquito nets. But you should try to put some efforts rather than using these chemicals which are harmful to health in every way.

These were are reasons which brings chemical pest killers in dominance in spite the fact that mosquito nets are safest way to get rid of mosquitos. If you will compare the mosquito net price with these pest killers in long run mosquito nets are good investment. Those who buy mosquito nets from genuine platforms like basics 21 can get good quality nets that will last for generations if handled carefully. People must realize the benefits of buying mosquito nets from basics 21 as we are selling all sizes and types of nets and that is too at very genuine cost as compared to market. There are null chances of getting a defected, wrong and poor quality product from us as we always believe in providing quality to our customers along with genuine cost.


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