Why Your Other Car Should be a Second-Hand Pickup


Choosing what vehicle to buy is something that you can spend a lot of time on. There are always advancements and different models, but life gives us different priorities on different days. Some day you want more passenger space. Other days you have something bulky to carry. You might be envious of your neighbour’s car that goes forever on one tank of petrol. Because they don’t make cars that transform into what you need, the next best option is two cars: one tough and suitable for cargo, and another that is more economical and easier to park.

Why Your Other Car Should be a Second-Hand Pickup

  • Pickup Popularity: Pickups have become increasingly popular in the UK over the last five years. The reason for this is they have a great range of capabilities. The Ford Ranger is the best-selling pickup currently. New Ford Rangers from Nene Overland are available for purchase or lease.
  • Eco-Car, Sedan, SUV, or Pickup? All these types of vehicles have specialties and limitations. But If you had the new version of each. Which one would you rarely drive? Which would be perfect for certain situations but not your first choice? And which one could handle all your needs if I could only have one? Knowing these answers will help you narrow the search.
  • What do You Need: When considering vehicles, it is predictable that we will first consider our wants. But the more important question is what we need. Having a close look at what we use our vehicles for, we discover that usually, it is one person driving a short distance. And that trip is very often on good tarmac. That pattern shows us that most people need a car capable of carrying one person and minimal cargo has good efficiency and is easy to park. Or at least that would solve the most problems.
  • Pickups Give You Options: The pickup has evolved to be very accommodating, but its roots are in the ability to carry loads and, to a certain degree, handle rough terrain. Closed cargo spaces are very limiting, so what you can haul with most passenger vehicles is limited. Sometimes it would be good to have a pickup’s open tray for a day. And the fact that pickups can handle going off-road better than most cars, gives you more options as to where you can go.
  • Pickups are a Perfect Second Vehicle. If you are not too caught up in car fashion and showing off. You might conclude that an economical car as your daily driver, and then a second-handpick up for the days when you have different needs, will satisfy almost all your vehicle needs. And they will do so most inexpensively and effectively. If you have a family to haul, pickups are now quite roomy in the four doors versions. So, they can be used as a people hauler too.

You might even want to choose a pickup as your daily driver, as many people do. It is an excellent high platform for navigating traffic, and they are as easy to drive as most cars. But in the interests of conservation. Small vehicles are best for commuting and then a second-hand pickup can handle the rest of your needs.


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