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The Japanese auction is a place where you can buy just about anything. From various handheld devices to other important artefacts, you can get anything from this platform. On the condition that you know the rules of the auction.

Yahoo Japan Auction

So let us learn how things are done within the Yahoo Japan Auction. With a good grasp of the subject, you can edge out fellow bidders who are there to buy the same item. In addition to other things, you need to follow the auction rules to the letter, and you should be fine with the whole thing. This is how it works

Last man standing

Have you seen the Bruce Willis movie – Last Man Standing? The Yahoo Japan auction is just like that. Of course, with the exception that you don’t have to shoot anybody on this platform. You need to be true to yourself regarding the item you are bidding for. You would go into the auction with a certain price tag in your mind, and as long as that price level is not exceeded, there is still chance for you to buy that item. The only person remaining in the digital auction room when the clock finishes ticking is the one that goes home with the item on auction.

Never exit the room

Many people get disqualified in the process of the Yahoo Japan auction, but they don’t know why. It is possibly because they left the room as at when the auction was still going on. The golden rule of this auction type is that you stand your ground until your price has been exceeded. Or leave if you feel like doing so for other reasons.

If you enter the room, you are not expected to exit, as doing so will automatically bar you from any re-entry.

The clock

Time is very important with this auction type. In some other auctions, bidders are the ones who change the price of the item on auction. The narrative is different here. On this platform, the clock determines the price of the item.

So many people who have attempted buying something from this platform decided to quit when they saw the price changing as time passed on. One would quickly think it is a fraud system, particularly if you are only used to the English type of auction where bidders are the ones who influence the price. The good thing about the yahoo japan auction is that the price only changes with different time intervals.


If you have been thinking of where to buy some nice stuffs, the yahoo japan auction may just be where you can buy them at cheaper rates. Upon reading this post, you must have added some knowledge to yourself regarding how the platform works. This platform is not fraud as some think. It is real. Your purchase will be shipped to you if you are the successful buyer. Shipping charges apply where necessary. For some locations, you don’t pay any shipping fees. Visit the Yahoo Japan auction platform to learn more about how they operate.


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