Do You Need Permit from the North Sydney Council for Tree Removal?


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Three kilometres from Syndey’s business district, you will find North Sydney, a suburb that has become a central commercial district in recent years. It is where you will find the iconic Luna Park and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Australians have round the suburb to be the ideal neighbourhood where they can settle for good because of its proximity to the central business district, modern conveniences, and various attractions.

Do You Need Permit from the North Sydney Council for Tree Removal

The neighbourhood is being managed by the North Sydney Council, including any development and tree removal in North Sydney. However, homeowners or business owners looking to remove a tree or prune a tree are faced with a question of whether or not they need to ask permission from the North Sydney Council. The body has a standing policy on the management of trees and vegetation. The policy was adopted to make sure that residents do not remove or prune a tree illegally and unnecessarily.

When You Do Not Need to Get a Permit

  1. When the tree is dead and declared to be so by a certified arborist
  2. The tree is not critical habitat for indigenous animals.
  3. When you prune deadwood or taking down dried palm tree fronds
  4. When you prune no more than 10 per cent of the volume of the crown
  5. When the tree stands within the one-metre radius from the nearest building; the structure includes gutters and eaves.
  6. You can prune the hedge if it is less than five metres tall. If the hedge is taller, you need to call an arborist.
  7. The North City Council does not need a permit to remove trees and vegetations within its property, management, and control.
  8. You do not need a permit if there is a roof over a tree, like in the atrium or greenhouse.
  9. When the tree is assessed to be dangerous to the people around it; the Biosecurity Act of 2015 gives you the authority to remove noxious weeds. However, the exception is that the tree is more than 10 metres tall. You need to call tree removal in North Sydney for that.

It should be noted, however, that you cannot call the North Sydney Council if the tree is the cause of the dispute with your neighbour. You need to settle the problem first because the body will not accommodate you.

When You Need a Permit

  1. When the tree or the vegetation is situated on public land
  2. When the tree is considered a biosecurity risk but taller than 10 metres; the 2015 Biosecurity Act of New South Wales outlines the requirements for what is considered as biosecurity risk.
  3. If the tree or vegetation exceeds the height of five metres
  4. It would help if you had a permit to prune a crown that is wider than five metres or a trunk wider than 500 metres. The measurement should be done at the ground level or the widest part of the trunk.
  5. You are also not allowed to cut trees or vegetation on a reservation or a heritage park.

You also need a permit for the following trees, regardless of the size:

  • European Nettle
  • Bangalow Palms
  • Indian Coral Tree
  • Willow Trees
  • Kentia Palms
  • Privet species

You need to secure a tree management permit before you can go ahead with tree removal in North Sydney. After you contact the staff, they will send a council officer to inspect the site. Do not worry as you do not need additional fees when you apply for a permit.


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