4 Clever Ways to Shop For Young Girl’s Ballet Shoes


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You may not be a professional dancer, but your child may want to be one someday. If you want to support their dream, you need to ensure that they have the right tools and equipment to learn the dance routines properly. For your budding ballerina, purchasing girls ballet shoes must be one of your top priorities.

4 Clever Ways to Shop For Young Girl’s Ballet Shoes

To purchase ballet shoes for young girls or toddlers, you need to know the type of material to look for. You also need to know the right colour and proper measurement to ensure that your child can use the dance footwear for a long time. Here is some basic information about buying ballet shoes for girls.

Why Do Young Girls Need Ballet Shoes

Some parents are not exactly sure why their young girls have to wear ballet shoes. But, on the other hand, some people argue that their child can learn to dance ballet while wearing socks or being barefooted.

However, young girls need ballet shoes because their dance teachers teach them steps like spinning and gliding. If they do not wear their ballet shoes, it would be harder for their tiny feet to have a steady grip on the floor. Without the proper grip, they will have a hard time executing the necessary dance moves.

What are the Best Materials for Ballet Shoes

Traditionally, ballet shoes are made with satin, canvas, or leather. But among all these options, more ballet dancers prefer to use leather shoes due to their durability and ability to provide additional support.

Canvas girls ballet shoes are also ideal for girls since it is easier to clean. You can put these pairs in a washing machine for proper cleaning. Meanwhile, satin ballet shoes are usually reserved for performances to keep them pristine and shiny.

What are the Distinctions Between Full Sole and Split Sole?

The soles of ballet shoes come in two variations. The first one is the full-sole, featuring one long suede sole. The other one is called the split sole, which comes with two pieces of suede soles. One can be found over the heel while the other one is placed at the ball of the foot.

Most ballet teachers recommend the full sole ballet shoes to young girls. It provides better resistance on the floor. It also can assist the feet to have a stronger development.

How Can You Get the Right Shoe Size for Young Girls?

When buying your child’s first ballet shoes, it is necessary to measure their feet first before heading out to the stores.

When measuring your child’s foot, you have the option of tracing one of their feet using a blank piece of paper, a good marker, and a ruler. You need to measure both feet since it is common for people to have one foot smaller than the other. You may also download a printable guide online and use it to determine the right shoe size.

Should You Buy a Bigger Shoe Size?

The shoe size of children rapidly grows all the time. The pair that you bought last month may no longer fit them after a couple of months. You might be tempted to buy a bigger pair of shoes to save some money.

However, ballet shoes are not designed like classic street shoes. It needs to fit your child correctly so it can do its purpose. But if you need to buy your child something more significant, so you do not have to buy one soon, you can get something that is a half size or one size bigger.

It is necessary to know the proper way to buy ballet shoes for girls so your child will have something to wear during her ballet classes. It will also allow them to feel comfortable and confident during all their ballet performances. If you succeed in buying the best one, your child will find it more enjoyable to learn how to dance ballet.


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