Bigger Bins, Less to Stress? Nice Idea, But No Cigar


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Having to choose suitable bins for your organization might sound like an easy thing to accomplish, do a few internet searches, make a few calls, perhaps, even a jump into your motor to go and see a few options for yourself before you agree to anything. Sounds straightforward, doesn’t it? On paper, maybe, that is until somebody you call starts to ask you about loads, sizes, and other industry specific details that they might need to know.

Bigger Bins, Less to Stress - Nice Idea, But No Cigar


Such a simple invention, and they’re really old, too, not the ones you’re looking to buy, more the idea behind them. They’ve been a thing since the first person became smart enough to realise that putting their waste into some kind of containment solution, ready for disposal at a later time made practical sense. They’ve evolved since, so you’ll see things like wheelie bins for sale, Robo bins and other innovative ideas!


The thing is, as time has slowly passed by, things like rules and regulations have started to crop up here and there, until 2022 comes around and there are entire sections of orderly conduct instructions outlined within most governing bodies rules, regulations, and code of conduct publications. It’s a really important area of business conduct these days, logistics firms have been hit with the same challenges. It’s all to do with health, public safety, and the health of our planet, most of the things you are required to do carry a hefty fine if not put into practice, as the literature states.

How to choose?

Simple, just order the biggest bin you can get your hands on, job done, eh? What’s all the fuss about, save space, only empty the thing twice a year, you could even get a super efficiency award at the end of year… That’s the whole point, things don’t really work like that and, is pretty much the main reason why the codes of conduct surrounding the legalities of commercial waste management are in place.

First things first

The smart thing to do would be to get up to date with your areas governing bodies requirements, you should be able to get all you need with a quick Internet search. So, you need to know where your business sits in terms of their stipulated criteria, then you can start to consider which bins you might need.

Do they need to be static, or do they need to be on wheels for easy movement? Are two of the most typical questions that you might be faced with so make sure you’re prepared to know the answers and, that you know your own preferences, you might prefer to have a wheelie bin instead of a static one if the guidelines allow it.


Sorry, going for the biggest bin you can find isn’t the answer, you’ll probably need a few certain coloured bins for types of waste. To be fair, when you start to make enquiries, any company worth their weight will guide you through the process, discussing things like weight, schedules for collection, including allowed and disallowed items of waste that you might want to get rid of.

They can also guide you to make sure that you only order what you need, and that what you order will be the most suitable for your companies’ requirements to satisfy your local governing body.


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