5 Easy Ways to Maintain and Ensure Longevity of Ducted Air Conditioning


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Ducted air conditioning has become popular among homeowners, offices, businesses, and commercial spaces, because of its efficiency in making a place feel cool. Not to mention, when installed, ducted air conditioning offers a subtle look that could help maintain the aesthetic of your place, whether in your home or an office.

5 Easy Ways to Maintain and Ensure Longevity of Ducted Air Conditioning

If you’re a person living in a place with extreme climates, you wouldn’t want your ducted air conditioning to be damaged. Usually, ducted air conditioning systems are expected to last up to 20 years, but if not maintained properly, they might not work or function for that long.

Thus, proper maintenance and care through air conditioning maintenance are needed to help ensure that your unit will last long years and save you from sweating too much during summer. Although ducted air conditioning is made to be durable, cost-effective, and long-lasting, there are still things you have to do to ensure it’s maintained well. Here are five effective ways you could do to maintain and ensure the longevity of your ducted air conditioning unit.

Conduct Duct Tests

Constant drips coming out of a ducted air conditioning unit is not normal. In this sense, call a professional immediately to get it checked and have a duct test conducted. Duct tests are essential to determine an unusual leak in your AC and identify if any parts need to be repaired or replaced and the cause of the leakage.

In the US, duct leakage became a huge deal in many American homes, which resulted in increased energy bills. In this sense, duct leakage makes energy consumption into waste and often does not even make a place cool anymore.

Similarly, in Australia, one of the causes of duct leakage is due to damage done by rodents. When facing problems like this, it’s best to contact a professional in this field. If you’re in Adamstown, Fullerton Cove, Jesmond, or anywhere in Newcastle, get the best services for your ducted air conditioning. You can contact the best professionals who offer the best Newcastle ducted air conditioning repair and maintenance services to cater to your needs.

Establish An Annual Maintenance Examination

After installing ducted air conditioning, some people tend to forget the importance of having their units undergo annual maintenance examinations. Maintenance is essential because it could help prevent any damages from arising or even worsening.

Typically, a ducted air conditioning unit must be checked at least once a year, even if there are no existing defects. In this way, each ducted air conditioning could be properly inspected and give immediate aid in problems that may arise in the future.

So, don’t forget to add your plans to conduct an annual maintenance examination from professionals, especially if you’re running a huge office. If your employees don’t feel comfortable working in their workplace, they might not be productive during working hours. Thus, keep in mind that whether your unit is in good condition, don’t skip its annual maintenance inspection to ensure longevity and comfort.

Keep It Away From Direct Sunlight

One of the easiest ways to protect your ducted air conditioning and extend its lifespan is by keeping it away from the hit of direct sunlight. Direct sunlight could be damaging to your cooling system. Thus, your indoor and outdoor units must be in a safe, dry, and secured area. Similarly, if it’s winter, the outdoor unit must be covered with a tarp or any suitable material to help protect your HVAC system.

Make Sure You Keep It Clean

If your ducted air conditioning has dirty air ducts, it may give rise to multiple problems, like decreasing the amount of airflow and ice forming in the coils. All these could harm your unit and even make people feel sick because of the dirty air emitted by the ducted air conditioning.

The best way to prevent any dirt from accumulating is to try to look for dirt build-up inside the vent of your unit. Check the filter as well. When cleaning your unit’s filter, use warm water mixed with mild detergent. Once done, wipe it with a clean cloth. Vacuuming is also an effective way to clean ducted air conditioning. As always, call a professional if you think the task is too much for you to handle.

Educate Users On How To Use It Properly

One of the common reasons why a ducted air conditioner would have problems is because of accidental damage. So, if you have ducted air conditioning at home, ensure that the adults would know how to use the controls and properly maintain the temperature.

If you have children at home, keep them away from the unit. It would greatly help if you could discuss with your family members or office personnel the proper maintenance and handling of a ducted air conditioner and who to contact in case any problems arise.

Final Thoughts

If your unit makes weird noises, gives off an unusually unpleasant smell, and or there’s a leak coming out of your unit, then it’s the perfect indication that you would need to call for help for a repair. You could always take preventive measures to ensure your air conditioning unit is in great shape. So, refer to the abovementioned ways to help maintain your unit and extend its lifespan.


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