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Statista predicts that the global top Software Development Agencies will be worth $608 billion by the end of 2022.

Computers have become an indispensable part of our daily lives. Every computer requires software to function properly. All industries use software, whether it’s a banking system, a manufacturing system, a scientific or research system.

As a business owner seeking to develop software, you will need to understand the software development process. You will have to outsource your software development project to professional web development services unless you have an in-house team of software developers.

Software Development - The Complete Guide

Knowledge of the software development process will assist you in selecting the best company from the market’s list of top software development companies. Software development necessitates specialized knowledge and experience.

We will go over software development in great detail in this software development guide. We will look at the various types of software, software development methodologies, software development phases and processes, and the cost of developing software. Let’s get started.

What exactly is software development?

The software development process entails repeating steps to design, code, and deploy software. The software development service providers build the software in stages. After the software is completed, it is tested to ensure that it meets the needs of the users.

The SDLC refers to the planned stages of the software development process as a whole (Software Development Life Cycle). Later in the blog, we’ll look at the SDLC’s various stages.

The Value of Software Development

One of the most important components in modern business is software. Custom software development can be used by businesses for everything from marketing to inventory management.

Indeed, it has been observed in many recent cases where developing software proved beneficial to many industries.

The software benefits your company in the following ways.

  • Enhance customer satisfaction
  • Assist you in managing your warehouse
  • Promote your company
  • Improve communication within your organization.

Software classifications

There are numerous kinds of software. Some are single-line programmes, while others have thousands of lines. We can divide software into the following categories.

Computer software

System software is designed to run the computer’s internal functions. It is also in charge of connecting external devices to the computer, such as printers, hard drives, mice, and keyboards.

Software for applications

End-user software programmes are designed to assist users in completing their intended tasks. Application software includes software applications used for banking, designing, shopping, and browsing. Application software is typically created for a single purpose

Software for programming

Programming software is made up of ready-made software components that allow programmers to code in various languages. Programming software examples include

  • Compiler
  • Debugger
  • Interpreter

Software that is embedded

Embedded software is created when coders write code for a specific set of devices. Software designed for calculators, smartwatches, navigation systems, and robots are a few examples.

What are the Different Software Development Models?

A software development model or methodology is a methodical approach to creating software. There are numerous software development models from which to choose.

When choosing a methodology, choose the most balanced model that will meet the project’s requirements while also being comfortable for the development team.

The following is a list of the most widely used software development models in the industry today:

  • Waterfall
  • Validation and confirmation
  • Agile
  • Kanban
  • Scrum
  • Incremental
  • Rapid Action Planning
  • Iterative
  • The big bang
  • Spiral
  • Unified Rational Process

SDLC, or the software development life cycle, is essential to any discussion of software development.

The SDLC is a step-by-step process that enables dedicated developers to create software. Following the SDLC will ensure that the entire software development process runs smoothly.

The Software Development Life Cycle is divided into the stages listed below.

  • Collection of software development requirements
  • Investigate the viability of the software development project.
  • Architecture and design of software
  • Prototyping software
  • Software development
  • Testing and deployment of software
  • Upkeep of software

A software development company that adheres to the SDLC has a better chance of producing results. As a result, you can keep adherence to the SDLC process as one of your selection criteria when selecting a software development company.

Models of Software Outsourcing

There are various software outsourcing models available for outsourcing software development. The most popular ones are discussed below.

Model of devoted teamwork

In the dedicated team model, your outsourcing service provider will provide a dedicated team of developers for your software project. These specialized software developers will only work on your project.

Personnel supplementation

Those business owners who already have an in-house development team for software development prefer the staff augmentation model.

Top software developers will be leased from an outsourcing service provider under the staff augmentation model. These leased employees will supplement your internal team. As a business owner, you will continue to own the project.


The entire software development project will be outsourced to the outsourcing service provider under the project-based outsourcing model. In the project-based model, the outsourcing service provider is solely responsible for the project.

Cost to Develop Software

One of the most important factors to consider in a software development project is the cost of developing the software. A software development project, like any other, requires a budget. A few factors must be considered when estimating the cost of developing software.

A software development project’s cost can be estimated in two ways.

Depending on the Software Size

The cost of software grows in direct proportion to its size. This is because the number of coding lines grows with size. As the number of coding lines grows, so does the number of hours spent by developers building the software. This ultimately raises the cost of software development.

Depending on the Software

The cost of developing software can be estimated based on the type of software that needs to be built. Building an ecommerce software for millions of users, for example, will be more expensive than building an internal CRM software for limited use.

The cost of developing software is a dynamically varying aspect that is determined by a variety of factors such as:

  • Size
  • Complexity
  • Methodology for software development
  • The developers’ location
  • The total number of third-party integrations


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