Difference Between Online And Offline Learning Education For Kids


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    Time is changing, and so is the method of education. Over the years, education has flourished from chalk and board to online learning. This technology-driven education is taking the learning experience to an entirely new number. If we consider the e-learning market, in 2018 it has reached $169 billion globally. No matter how huge the online learning market is, offline learning is still the best way to have practical experience. For instance, if you are keen on making your English fluent, then Simpli English offers online coaching of spoken english for kids. Being the leading language-learning institute, the student has the option to choose either of the two.

    Difference Between Online And Offline Learning Education For Kids

    Online and offline learning option is the best for employers who want to learn more about their current domain. It helps in implementing practically in their work profile.
    Let us check the difference between online and offline learning-

    The Location

    One of the major differences between online and offline learning is the location of the two. Offline learning requires the participant to learn by sitting at the class practically. This gives the learner a chance to communicate with the trainer and get the doubts clear.

    Online learning involves getting training from any location and at any time. The participant needs to log into the training site from the comfort of the home and start being trained. The learner can also implement practically in the professional area what they learn practically.

    Flexibility Difference

    Another difference between online and offline learning is the flexibility both offer. Online learning offers high flexibility for the learner because you can choose the time and location as per your availability.

    Offline learning, on the other hand, does not offer that flexibility. You may not get the class time, which does not clash with your work time.


    Another critical difference between the two is the engagement level. Live or offline learning offers a better engagement level added with the human element. This is very beneficial for learners who are not self-sufficient. Moreover, learners also get the chance to receive feedback at the same time.

    However, during the online learning process, there is less engagement. Communication issues can hamper the engagement. This is not the case always because the trainer would train the learner in real-time.

    Use of BackChannels

    Another major difference between the two is back channels. These channels are quite popular in live educational institutes. This includes lectures, where the audience is expected to listen for a longer period.

    Online classrooms usually have the text function, which acts as the backchannel for the learner to stay engaged.

    Visual Feedback from students

    One of the major differences between online and offline learning is the visual effect or feedback. In the online class, the trainer will find it hard to know if the student is interested in learning the course. This lack of visual feedback makes it hard for the trainer to stay connected with the learner.

    Offline classrooms give the trainer better visual feedback from the audience. While teaching, the trainer will be able to know through students’ facial expressions if they are bored or still want to continue.

    A sense of freedom for students

    Some learners find it hard to communicate with teachers or raise their doubt during live classroom training. Moreover, learners with a physical disability will have a limit to attending class live. This is when online learning helps because such students can easily communicate with a trainer without much hesitation. Education galaxy app is an example of it.

    Bottom Line

    Both the online and offline learning carry some amount of differences. It is up to students what they prefer to learn. The ultimate aim is to complete the course in the most apt way.


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