A Key SEO Strategy: Link Building


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There are two types of SEO: On-page SEO and Off-page SEO.

On-page SEO is about making necessary improvements, changes and corrections on the website and its codlings to make it more search-friendly and conform to the very many guidelines of search engines. Off-page SEO is all about ‘planting’ the website’s URL link or its multipla pages’ links in external websites in order to get visitors to the site.

Both On-page and Off-page SEO methods are not one-time activities but continuous processes and need great understanding of SEO standards and protocols to bring about short and long term better results.

A Key SEO Strategy: Link Building

Link Building as a SEO Strategy

Link Building by the very nature of its process of creating backlinks from external websites into your webpage clearly falls into the Off-page SEO category. Your webpage’s URL in the external sites connects back to your webpage on clicking, and hence is called a ‘Backlink’.

The backlinking websites act as affiliate websites and help the linked webpage to fulfil its goals and objectives by bringing in tons of visitors depending on the traffic they get.

Content Marketing is emerging as the Digital Marketing strategy and a leading solution for Link Building. All content forms such as Social Posts, Blogs, Press Releases, Articles, Case Studies and Discussion Topics significantly contribute to Link Building when appropriately planned and scheduled. Content written in diversified topics with the use of keywords in right density and published in the right platforms and digital spaces produces the best result by connecting back to your website through keyword and topical searches.

Business Directories do play a vital role in generating back links as they are one of the most depended sources for finding products and solutions. Featured Listings and Category Topper positions give enhanced visibility in the category and are easily clicked. Backlinks from these directories contribute a lot to SEO results and constitute a major source for location based and category based searches and keywords promotion.

Multi-channel promotion is the new norm and YouTube Marketing cannot be missed as a way of Link Building process. Being the second best search engine for any conceivable topic and for multiple purposes such as news, entertainment, health, advice, business, instruction, self learning, YouTube has emerged as one of the largest content producers of this day. Your YouTube channel can be your great backlink provider for your URL with valuable and interesting periodic content.

An instant and fast outreach tool is paid PR. Online Press Releases take your keywords and URL swiftly around the world in a jiffy with all the major online news sites carrying and publishing your news content. The right PR content, tone and essence will run your branding bandwagon all across the web and instantly give you high Domain Rating as these news portals are highly rated with massive readership base. News is definitely a commodity in demand in the data-mongering era. You have to use the desired URL’s to get strategic advantages and goal fulfilment. A piece of advice here is to go for a series of news releases for effective coverage, increased online reputation, continuous exposure and more keywords promotion.

Regular activity and updates in your Social Media profiles will attract users and followers to click your URL and brings a deluge of visitors to your website. Though it is not so serious, usual and conventional method as a way of doing SEO, the results are rewarding. You can submit your social posts with URL links of your webpages and draw clicks and further enhance your SEO initiatives. When it comes to social posts, all that matters is Quality, Quality and Quality – in text content, image and/or video.

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Benefits of Link Building

Through effective planning and implementation, you can maximize the benefits of the Link Building process. Top-level advantages Link Building include:

  • Better search engine rankings for your website/webpage
  • Higher Page Rank for your webpage
  • Improved results for individual keywords and keyword phrases
  • Innumerable visitors to the webpage
  • Enhanced Online Reputation for your website
  • Increased and better visibility for your brand
  • Wider outreach of your website
  • Higher number of fulfilments of your goals and objectives such as increased readership, online sales, enquiries, form fillings and responses, catalogue downloads, in-bound calls, subscriber base for newsletter, referrals, product views, demos, trust building, coupon uses, and a lot more.

How Best to Select Linking Websites

You have to come up with a plan of action or buy Link Building Service stating your Primary and Secondary Objectives.

Your Primary Objectives can be

  • Branding
  • Lead Generation
  • Reach
  • Call-to-Action Fulfilments
  • Content Promotion
  • Business/Sales Conversions
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Showcasing Product Features or Company Accomplishments
  • Sales Promotion, etc.

Your Secondary Objectives can be

  • Enhanced Reach of your website across locations or categories
  • Achieving top search engine results

When it comes to the selection of appropriate linking websites or platforms for strategic placements of your backlinks, you can choose them according to your objectives such as long term or short term, branding or sales, city, national or global, generic or niche, general category or specific keywords, broad or narrow audience coverage, multi-channel or single channel promotion, few very high Authority websites presence or many moderately high Authority websites, higher conversion rate or wide distribution, annual or seasonal goal achievements, single or overall marketing goal achievements, type of content – text, image or video, nature of exposure needed – announcement or anchor text visibility, etc.

Here, you have to decide as to whether to go for Manual Submission, Paid Submission or Earn Backlinks through exchange of valuable content for backlinks. Having all said and done, you should be very careful not to adopt even one bad SEO method to boost your website visibility or to get numerous visitors eyeing short term gains. Because such wrong SEO methods will be counterproductive in the long run as search engines like Google, Bing, etc., will may blacklist or suspend your website. However, good SEO practices will strengthen your website, increase its scores and make it more search-engine friendly in the long run.

Buying SEO Backlinks in the USA rightly is the first step towards success. The backlink package that you buy should have the right constituents like submission in High Authority websites, ideal for your website size, more number of keywords promotion, dedicated Account Management, Team, compatible technology support, regular performance report and a host of other features.


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