6 Things You Should Definitely Do in Kasol


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In the district of Kullu, Himachal Pradesh sits a hemlet known as Kasol on the banks of pristine Parvati river. From camping to trekking, people all over the world come here to enjoy the serenity and soothing natural beauty. So, if you are looking forward to visit Kasol, here the few things you can try out to make your travelling experience surreal and supercalifragilistic.

6 Things You Should Definitely Do in Kasol

Try out the Israeli food in Kasol

Kasol is the heaven for the mouth watering and delicious food. When it comes to Israeli food, there’s no place in the whole of India you can get this taste. Kasol is perfect travel place and young Israeli living there provide you with their delicacies. Israeli living there run cafes and stalls across the street with the best food. Between the calm and serenity of mountains and Parvati river, the fresh food will be cherry on the cake for you. So, if you are the one who is craving food all the time, if you get a chance to visit Kasol, just try Israel’s delicacies. You can enjoy. You can also try out your best rooms with Oyo Rooms Offers to get best rates.

Kheerganga Trekking

If you are the one who wants to explore the awe-inspiring scenes in the mountains, then try spending time in the mighty Himalayas and start your trek to Kheerganga from Kasol. The trek is not too hard and is certainly for beginners which will take you to the village of Kheerganga through the breathtaking route with dense greenery all over the place. Going through the lush green environment, when you reach the Kheerganga just jump into the famous hot springs of Kheerganga which will recharge your exhausted battery and rejuvenate you. After that, sit in the green grounds and enjoy the scenery with a cup of tea or coffee.

Head to the unexplored villages, Rasol and Malana

Not too far away from Kasol, Rasol is a morsel village which can be easily reached by trekking from Kasol. Rasol has a story about it which says that while trekking to Rasol and smoking the ‘Magic Rasol’, you will find your peace and calm.

Known for the Malana Cream, Mlana is another village near Kasol which is very famous in Himachal Pradesh. Other from this, Malana invites you to visit the famous Jamlu Devta temple. Malana village takes you to whole adventurous ride with beautiful sightings and unique culture of traditional locales. Malan is a must go no matter what if you want to take whole out of the Kasol trip. You can try out available best taxi in Kasol if you choose to get with Ola Offers while making booking for outstation taxis.

Dive in the hot springs of Manikaran Gurudwara

In whole Himachal Pradesh, Manikaran Gurudwara is the biggest and most visited gurudwara. If you are planning a trip to Kasol, you must also visit this holy place and take a dive in the hot springs of Gurudwara itself. Localites say that taking a dip in the hot springs of Manikaran Gurudwara will wash your sins. Just go there, pay homage to the guru and have langar as the prasad.

Take a stroll by the Parvati River

Near Kasol itself flows a pristine beautiful Parvati River with its roaring all over the valley. People usually sit for hours by the river and listening to the beautiful song of the river water singing while bursting into the rocks coming in between. You can sit there doing nothing at all and you won’t even get a hint of how the time has passed.

Try magic honey from Grahan Village

If you are looking for some raw Himalayan experience, just go to Grahan village which is not explored by many visitors traveling Kasol. Take a hike from Kasol and reach there- you can find mountain dogs, sit by the river and enjoy the serenity. Grahan village is famous for its magic honey which even villagers don’t have enough for themselves. With the amount of sugar the honey has, a couple of teaspoons will make you get that instant sugar charge.


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