6 Tips to Select the Best N95 Face Mask Made in USA


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The world has got used to the new normal routine of wearing face masks since COVID-19 is looming over our heads for over a year now. It is even more important to continue necessary precautionary measures as a defense against contagious diseases as coronavirus is threatening us with its new variants. Choosing the best type of mask is just as important as wearing it properly in public to protect yourself and everyone around you.

6 Tips to Select the Best N95 Face Mask Made in USA

There are a variety of N95 Particulate Respirator available at MedicalSupplyAll.com from all reputed brands enabling buyers to order what suits them. The high quality products including N95 face masks made in USA, disposable surgical masks, reading glasses, and fitness accessories are all priced at affordable rates to let buyers purchase conveniently from one platform. The variety of available face masks can put buyers in a confusion to make the right choice. Here are some useful tips to ease the buying process and choose authentic mask designs to get them shipped directly at your doorstep from MedicalSupplyAll.com.

Identify Performance Metrics

Face masks have particular performance metrics to hold them in a category. N95 face masks made in USA, disposable surgical masks, and cloth face masks are all evaluated based on fluid resistance, breathability, bacterial filtration, particulate filtration, and flammability to measure their effectiveness. An authentic N95 respirator is labelled with standard markings to identify its properties. It is strongly recommended to go through the exterior markings on face masks to check for their reliability.

Choose Multiple Layers for Better Protection

Layered face masks filter out germs, contagions, and dust particles for your safety. Choosing multiple layers therefore gives you better protection from the coronavirus pandemic. N95 face masks made in USA have an ergonomic cup design enabling buyers to wear them for extended periods. A reputable brand never compromises on the filtration performance of the mask whether it is a cup design N95 or a foldable N95 mask. Multiple filter layers enable optimal protection against the virus by blocking at least 95% of the particles.

Get a Mask for Easy Breathing

The multiple filtering layers of face masks tend to hinder breathing ability to some extent although there are mask designs providing comfortable breathing. Opt for a mask design which lets you breathe through the filter medium without compromising on the effectiveness against coronavirus. Buyers may find N95 face masks with exhalation valves easier to use as compared to the ones without the valve although it is generally not recommended.

Opt for a Comfortable Fit

COVID-19 has not been kind since it evolved as a pandemic to impact our lives drastically. People had no choice other than adapting themselves to the new norm in order to live and work safely, Face masks helped people to resume their routine and step out of the house minimizing the risk of contracting virus. Since it is not something we can get rid of in the near future, it is recommended to choose a face mask with a comfortable fit. An easy to wear face mask does not trouble or discourage wearers to use them on regular basis. In fact, it is recommended to buy something you can easily don and doff while going outdoors frequently.

Ear Loops or Head Straps

Ear loops and head straps are meant to hold the face mask in place and seal the openings around the edges. Ear loops are taken for granted although there are face masks with straps to be tied behind the head. American manufacturers prioritize comfort and effectiveness of the face mask more than anything which is how they have promoted themselves. MedicalSuplyAll.com includes N95 respirator masks with dual head strap to fit snuggly and eliminate leakage for maximum protection against viruses.

Buy a Reusable Mask

Face masks are usually considered for single use as they may get contaminated with germs and bacteria. However, the rapid spread of COVID-19 followed by critical shortage of N95 respirator masks let the world consider reusing the same mask while preserving available limited masks for the front line health care workers. Now that many American manufacturers have ramped up production of face masks to overcome the shortage, we can find high quality masks from MedicalSupplyAll.com.


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